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Fun Hospital: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Fun Hospital, formerly known as Fun Hospital: Tycoon’s Back, is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms. Despite the hilariously bad attempt at cashing in on all of the Hospital Tycoon searches on the App Store (because apparently people are searching for it), this is an excellent Hospital simulation game in its own right that gives you a huge choice of rooms, nurses, doctors and other staff members to add to your hospital to make it great. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fun Hospital!

When you are hiring staff right from the beginning, search through your staff to see who has the best stats relative to the amount of money that you are spending on them. Good doctors, nurses, and staff will cost a little bit more than the bad ones but they will be far more worth it in the long run as your hospital’s patients will be happier, and will pay you more money.

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It takes time for a building to complete unless you are willing to spend gems in order to speed up the room, so give it time. Start the building, then go do something else for a little bit, then come back to the game and start another room, and so on and so forth until you either level up or max out on rooms, or run out of cash. Then let your patients come by and earn you more cash.

For the most cash in the shortest amount of time, go to the quests and complete them, and collect the rewards. This is also a good jumping-off point if you don’t know what to do next, although as you learn the game more, you can often make faster progress when you began to ignore the quests.

Almost everything that you can find outside of your hospital has a purpose. Tap random buildings and see what they do. The red box will earn you coins, and near them are the archives which will allow you to level up your nurses and doctors. There are events which unlock at hospital level 5, and technology research which unlocks at hospital level 4. Hit the outside shop for premium purchases which cost either gems or cash. You can even find new segments of the hospital which become unlockable at certain levels.