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How to play Radiant Defense: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

If you have just downloaded Radiant Defense : DIY Tower Defense (also known as Radiant TD) for either the iOS platform, Mac, Amazon, Android or Nook, or any other platform it may have recently been released for, then believe me, you’re in for a very difficult and very challenging, but very fun game, and one of the most rewarding tower defense games ever released.. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Radiant Defense!

Modifying the route

First of all, one of the big innovations in Radiant Defense is that the aliens that you have to kill do not follow a set, concrete path. They do at first, but you can modify the path at will by adding Modules to certain squares. Modules are squares of land that you can place in empty areas, and the route will change as you block off parts of the path with modules. You can go back and delete modules later by going into module mode, and double tapping on modules that you have already placed.

The kind of route you want depends most on the enemies you are facing (you can see which aliens are coming in the next wave by tapping on the portal). Generally, the goal is to stretch the route to as long as possible and to have as many zig zags in the route as possible, thereby giving your towers more time to shoot.

Basic Towers

Your defense towers are many in number, and each one of them costs “resources” to build. You start off a round with a certain number of resources, and as you kill more enemies, you unlock the ability to build more resources.  There are three basic towers that you begin with. Each tower can be upgraded up to 5 times to increase the range, power, and the rate of fire.

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The first one is the Beliah Gun Turret, which is your basic machine gun tower. The second one is the Starcrusher Cannon Tower, which has a very slow fire rate. However, once the shot from the Starcrusher hits, it will explode and all of the aliens surrounding the main target will be damaged as well. This is an excellent one for large groups of enemies.

The third one is the Solaris Disruptor Laser. This one has a constant beam shooting out that has a 100 percent accuracy rate against enemies, and it is especially strong against enemies that have a bubble shield when they come out.

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