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Radiant Defense: All about promo codes (redeem codes), resources and upgrade packs

Radiant Defense: DIY Tower Defense, AKA Radiant TD, is by far the top tower defense game out for the mobile platforms. It’s already out on iPhone, Mac App Store, Android, Nook, Amazon and more, and it’s bringing a new degree of difficulty and reward previously not seen in the tower defense genre of games. This game is absolutely BRUTAL when it comes to difficulty, so you will need to be on the top of your game starting around the third level, and continuing all the way through level ten. Promo codes are one of the most frequently asked-about topics, and so are upgrade packs, and how they will affect the game, or how to get them. Read on to hear about them as well as about resources and how to get more of them.

Promo codes are vouchers that will get you free items, but generally, they are given to one of two people: Those who are reviewing the game, or those who have had purchases disappear off of the game. However, sometimes they are randomly emailed out, so follow Hexage (the company who makes the game) on Facebook or Twitter and you might just get a random promotional code or email sent to you, especially if you post something to Hexage and/or communicate with them in some way.

There are four different upgrade packs in the game – the Xenobiology Pack, the Burning Pack, the Science Pack and the Explosive Pack. All four of them give you the ability to unlock extra, better, more strategic weapons, and all four of them costs 99 cents each from the app store. If you are lucky enough to get a promo code, maybe you can end up with a free one.

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To get more resources, you can do one of the following things. Spend as little as possible on weapons when you are in the early waves on any particular stage, only buying that which you need to buy in order to beat a wave. Each time you finish  a wave, you will earn a bonus “efficiency bonus” of ten percent of what your leftover total of resources is, with a maximum of 50 resources per bonus.

Another way to do so is to build Recuperators, which will suck in nearby killed aliens and double the resources you earn for killing each one. They only do this within a certain range, but either put the Recuperators near your weapons or your weapons near the Recuperators in order to maximize your gains.

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