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Idle Defense: Dark Forest – List of Redeem Codes and How To Get More Of Them

Idle Defense: Dark Forest is a new iOS and Android game that combines tower defense with idle RPGs to make the best of both worlds. You can defend against monsters, collect coins and gems, and increase your power level as high as possible.

There are many ways to earn rewards in this game, but one of the more sought after and lesser known ways is to use redeem codes. If you enter a redeem code, you can get free rewards, often including gems.

Read on for a list of redeem codes and how to find more of them in Idle Defense: Dark Forest!

First of all, in order to know how to enter a Redeem code, you need to know how to get to the right spot in the menu. Go to the settings menu.

To get there, first, tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of the main screen. A menu will pop out, and one of the options is settings, with the icon that looks like a gear.

Once you go to the settings menu, press the button that says Redeem Code. Once you get there, enter a code and see if it works.

One way to get redeem codes for free is to follow the developer, Lemon Jam Studio on Facebook. Another is to follow them on Twitter. For both social media networks, the handle is @lemonjamstudio, which makes them pretty easy to find.

Once you like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter, send them messages on both platforms. You will get two free redeem codes that are exclusive to you, one for each like and/or follow that you give them.

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Besides these two codes, liking and following the developer on social media is also a good way to look for universal promotional codes. Be sure to keep up with their feed to look for codes not only for Idle Defense: Dark Forest, but for their other games as well.

Besides the official social media pages for Lemon Jam Studio, there is also an official set of social media pages for Idle Defense: Dark Forest. There are official pages and chats on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. Count on plenty of fan interaction; go here and look for codes.

Other good places to look for these codes include Reddit and Discord. Reddit is good because if you find a Subreddit for Idle Defense: Dark Forest, players who have found other promotional codes are very likely to post them there.

When you find a Discord for the game, go to the search bar and type in “redeem codes”, or something similar, such as promo codes or CDKeys. If anybody has posted about them in the chat, they will come up.

Additionally, bookmark this article. We are constantly on the lookout for redeem codes to add, and when we find them, we will post them. Also, check out our comment section. You can find codes added by our readers, or you can add a code yourself.

Right now, being that the game is brand new, no official universal codes have been added. Be sure to follow Lemon Jam Studio on Facebook and Twitter and get your customized codes though!


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