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Sins Raid: Heroes of Light – List of Insert Codes and How to Find More of Them

Sins Raid: Heroes of Light is a new ARPG for the iOS and Android platforms featuring increasingly harder boss fights, characters of all rarities, and several gameplay modes that you can play in. You can get high tier (SR, SSR, etc) heroes, coins and gems, and more as you make your way through the game.

There are a lot of ways to earn rewards in this game, but some of the most sought-after are the Insert Codes rewards. These are a type of redemption code that you can use to redeem rewards. You insert a code or CDKey in, and the game pops out free bonuses, just like in the old days of gaming.

Read on for a list of Insert Codes and tips on how to find more of them in Sins Raid: Heroes of Light!

Most important, of course, is knowing how to get to the screen where you insert codes. To get there, all that you have to do is tap on your avatar. A whole settings menu will pop up once you do.

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After you do that, make sure that you are in the Account Info sub-tab on the left side of the menu. If you are, then in the bottom right corner of the screen will be a button that says Insert Code.

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Tap on that button, and in the next pop up, there will be a text box with a prompt that says Please Insert Code. Enter it, hit the Confirm button, and then see what rewards you’re going to get.

To find the codes themselves, the first place you’re going to want to look is on the official Facebook for Sins Raid: Heroes of Light. There is an also an official Twitter, but it has been abandoned since last year, so don’t bother with the Twitter until they start updating again.

For the Facebook feed, go to the posts area and scroll down the posts, and be sure to check the comments to make sure that you don’t miss any codes. Read each post and look for codes.

They do have an official Discord, as well, so go to the Discord and you will be able to look for codes. All you have to do is search for “codes”, “promo codes”, “insert codes”, or a similar phrase until something pops up. Then insert any code that you try.

Check back on this article frequently, and check our comments section as well. Sometimes our readers will get to the codes before we do, and they’ll post them in our comments. Conversely, if you find a code and check it out before we get to it, post it so others can see it.

Many of these codes are limited-edition, so be sure to get on them as quickly as you can. If you miss a code, simply keep checking back for more of them to come around.

Here is the list of codes for Sins Raid: Heroes of Light. Some of them are expired but are left here anyways, since they can be brought back for the following year (with one number changed).






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