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Archero: List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Archero is one of the great action RPG’s for the iOS and Android platforms. This game sets you off on an adventure through numerous dungeons, collecting coins and gems, upgrading your weapons and adding new ones, and fighting against some of the toughest bosses on the entire platform.

Rewards can be generous or stingy, depending on how far into the game you are, but you can also earn free rewards using promo codes. If you have yet to try to redeem promo codes for packs, do that, so that you can have the competitive advantage.

Read on for a list of promo codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more, in Archero!

Unlike most games of this kind, you can start using promo codes as soon as you begin gameplay, without having to even pass the tutorial. The methods are easy.

All that you have to do is tap on the options button (the gear), then when the settings menu pops up, tap on “Insert Promo Code”. You’ll be taken to a prompt. Enter your code and then hit “claim” to receive your pack.

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You can find these codes all over social media. There is an unusual amount of unofficial Archero fan pages, so be sure to not only check their official social media, but check out the fan pages to see who has posted codes.

Since this game is played manually (not automatically like a lot of other iOS and Android games), it’s ripe for YouTube and Twitch video shooting and streaming. Often video creators have promo codes that they have agreed upon with their publishers or with the game’s designers, so look for official promo codes and then type them in.

Reddit, of course, is one of the best sources for promo codes for any game that uses them. So check the Archero subreddit and look for pages advertising actual codes, rather than just questions on where to find more codes.

Discord hosts various chat servers for the game, so make sure that you are keeping an eye out for promo codes to pop up when they are given out by other players. Just type “promo codes” or “codes” into the chat, look through the posts, and see what you can end up with.

So far, these are the codes that have been discovered for Archero:




The following codes are possibly expired:








Invite your friends to play Archero to get a special code, dedicated only to you.


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