Gacha Life: Redeem Promo Codes – List of All Codes and How To Get More Promo Codes

Gacha Life is a chibi-style anime game that allows you to customize pretty much everything, giving your characters outfits and making new skits, among other things. It helps to have the currencies of the game, such as gems and stamina.

There are plenty of ways to earn more gems and other packages and items, but one of the best free ways is to go to the promo code redemption area and try to redeem promo codes. There are a ton of free ones, and we have as many as we can find.

First of all, the way to get to the Redeem Promo Code button is to go to the options menu. Once you go there, look below “BGM on” to see a button that says “Redeem Promo Codes”. If you don’t see it, you’re likely not far enough into the game yet.

Now go there and enter the promo code. The promo codes are nine-digit codes with three commas in between, so any that doesn’t follow that pattern is a fake code.

One way to get more promo codes is to look at the official account of the developers or for the game itself. They have Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you should be able to find those and scour them for promo codes to redeem. Even far down their feeds there should be some good promo codes to use.

One place where codes tend to pop up a lot is YouTube, as people like to make YT videos using the skit maker in Gacha Life. Look for Gacha Life vloggers who are given promo codes to give to their fans (sometimes the devs are responsible for this). Try anything that they post.

Check Reddit, as well, and Discord. Both of these go hand in hand when it comes to games, as they are both excellent sources of information. In games where the devs offer promo or redeem codes, fans who find them tend to post them here first.

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Look through the comment section on this article, too, and look for any commenter who has posted a promo code. If you find one that is working, as well, pay it forward and post in the comments. We’ll check the comments and post whatever we see that works.

Here is a list of promo codes in Gacha Life:





These are what’s been found so far, so try them and see what works. Look for more to come out eventually, as well! If you see some more of them, then be sure to post in our comments!

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24 thoughts on “Gacha Life: Redeem Promo Codes – List of All Codes and How To Get More Promo Codes

  1. Marta maria

    Hey guys here whas are promo codes gacha life yes me are game !

  2. Kit-kat

    123,456,789 is also a code
    (btw if you do the gacha life tutorial it gives you diamonds and it also gives you 20,000 diamond in the gift section)

  3. •|SenPaiFoxy|•

    You can’t type “0” but thank you VERY VERY much for trying but none of these codes worked for me but stay sweet and il make sure to use what u said!

  4. silent prinsess

    One of the codes are not working..

  5. Poeboy205

    Can you giv me a gacha life promo code pls

  6. Jessica

    The codes are correct love it thanks who made it

  7. Jemy

    Het is niet waar, bc het moeten 9 letters lang zijn

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  9. Peepsitzchicken

    That 0 tho… But thank you for the codes!! It really helped!!

  10. Lia

    The 987
    And 625 worked the 987 i got 100 gems and the
    625 i got 200

  11. Chofa

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