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Gacha Club: Redeem Promo Code List and Guide

Gacha Club is the latest Gacha game by Lunime that allows players to create characters or use stock characters to create their own miniature anime scenarios. These scenarios often get posted to YouTube, and many of the Gacha video creators can often end up very successful.

Gacha games tend to have promo codes, redeem codes, free gifts, and all kinds of other goodies in order to help new players out during their journey. Gacha Club has a number of secrets that players can use to earn free diamonds and other currencies.

Read on for a list of secrets and a guide to codes in Gacha Club!

There are a number of places that you can tap when you first begin the game in order to earn all kinds of secrets. One of these places is the options menu. Tap options, then options, then options again, and you get an instant reward given to you buy the game.

Another place is right as the game is loading up. As soon as the splash screen appears, tap on Usalina, which is the little cat character. You will receive another instant reward.

A third reward is available in the mini games menu. Go there, and then tap the tiny little tuft of hair that is spiking up off of Ahoge’s head. You will get another secret reward.

For a fourth reward, go to Yuni. Get to her by going to the units tab, then when you find her, tap on the hair on her forehead (fringe/bangs/whatever you want to call it) to get an instant reward. She has pink hair and hearts in her eyes.

For the fifth reward in this batch, go to Units again, then go to Satsuna, and tap Eye. Then click on her hat, and you will get yet another free reward.

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For the sixth and final known reward, all that you have to do is go to the Battle mode, then go to Clear Main Story Chapter 2. Tap the face of the shadowy character in the splash picture to get a reward.

Import codes are a type of code that allow you to import another character from elsewhere. In order to use an import code, go to profile, then import. You can unlock importing once you hit DJ level 5.

Unlike most of the other Gacha games, promo codes and redeem codes have yet to be added to Gacha Club. Keep your eyes posted to this article though, because as soon as we see then get added to the game, we will update this article with all of the latest codes!


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