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Fantastic Beasts’ Legend: Exchange Code List and Guide

Fantastic Beasts’ Legend is a new mobile RPG for the ios and Android platforms, which, despite the name, bears no relation to the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise (the Harry Potter adjacent one). This is a card collection mobile RPG where you can unlock the rarest heroes, upgrade and evolve them, and battle against other players and against computer-controlled villains to advance the story.

Exchange codes are codes that can give you freebies if you use them, and are one of the rarer ways to do so. You can enter as many different individual codes as you want although each code can be used only once. As long as the code is active and working, you will get your free rewards.

Read on for a list of exchange codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Fantastic Beasts’ Legend!

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To use exchange codes, finish the tutorial at minimum so that you can freely tap wherever. Then tap your avatar to open up the player info menu. Most hit the button that says “XCNG” which is short for exchange.

Once you get there, type in the code that you want to use, then hit the OK button. If the code is accepted, which it should be if the code is active, your code should be redeemed for a gift.

To start finding codes, especially with a new game like this, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start looking all around the review section. Scroll up and down the reviews the players are leaving for the game, and look for any review that includes a code. If you happen to have a code and you don’t see a post in, then leave a review and include the code in it.

Next, go to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media page for the game. Look at the posts, announcements, pictures, and other parts of the page to see if any of them include codes or CDKeys. Oftentimes the developers put them on social media first

Check all of the available social media pages, not just one, because developers sometimes run contests that are exclusive to one social media page. This is so that they can boost their subscriber accounts on all of their active platforms, not just one of them. Check every single one for as many different codes as possible.

Look on the Subreddit for this game too, because oftentimes codes pop up there before they pop up most other places, especially other websites. Players love to post codes once they get them, so use that to your advantage, and if you have an account there, contribute some of your own codes as well.

Another great place to look is on the Discord page for the game. Go to all of the available rooms in the channel and look for codes. You can also use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in “codes“ or “CDKeys“ to search for posts containing those phrases, to make the search easier.

YouTube and Twitch are great sources for codes, because video streamers love to promote their own channels using codes. The developers love it too, because they will sometimes share codes exclusively with content creators, so that they can use their built-in audience to promote the game. Even if there aren’t any live streams going on at the time, check archived streams or videos.

So far, the following codes have been released for Fantastic Beasts’ Legend:






Be sure to keep checking back in with us to see if any new codes have been posted! As new codes get released for Fantastic Beasts Legend, we will add them to this article!


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