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Trading Legend: Gift Exchange Code List and Guide

Trading Legend is a new mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with an entirely unique premise. You play as a young, upcoming banker in ancient China, and your goal is to make your way up the social and economic ladder, eventually becoming the richest and most powerful businessman that you can.

One way that you can get ahead easily is by using gift exchange codes, which are given out by the developer in order to give out prizes to loyal fans who engage with Trading Legend on social media, as well as to give newer players a bit of a head start in growing their trading empire. While each account can only use each code once, you can use as many individual codes as you want to.

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Read on for a list of gift exchange codes, how to get more of them, and how to use them in Trading Legend!

First, you have to get through the tutorial in order to get to the code redemption area in Trading Legend. After you do that, tap the tiny little orange circle around the middle left corner of the screen (it’s usually halfway offscreen) to open up the Game Assistant.

Once you do that, click on Gift Code Exchange and you will be prompted to insert the Serial Number and Code. This can be a bit misleading – the serial number is actually the gift code, while the “code” box simply contains a CAPTCHA that you have to copy in order to redeem the code.

Facebook is the best place to start looking for codes, especially for a smaller game like this, where the developer might not have an official presence on multiple social media networks. Subscribe to the page so that whenever they post new codes, you will be the first to see them. Additionally, go back through the previous posts on the official page, so that you can find any codes that you might have missed.

Twitch and YouTube are excellent sources for codes, especially for smaller teams, because the developer is more likely to give out exclusive codes to streamers in order to promote the game using the built-in audiences. Take advantage of this promotional agreement and access by using whatever Codes you find on videos and streams.

Go to the App Store that you downloaded the game from and go to the review page; there may be codes posted in reviews. Organize the reviews from newest to oldest in order to make it easy to find a current working code. Be sure to add any codes that you might have that you don’t see posted already.

Go to the Subreddit or to any Facebook group about the game, because this is where fans typically go to discuss and share codes. Because of that, these are some of your most likely sources for codes. Make sure to add any codes that you might have if you don’t already see them posted there.

As of right now, no codes have been added yet for Trading Legend; however, be sure to keep an eye on this article, because as soon as we have codes to share, we will share them. If you have a code before we get it, then be sure to post it in the comments!


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