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Warship Legend: List of Redeem/Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

Warship Legend is a new strategy MMO for the iOS and Android platforms that puts you in charge of a fleet of warships, which you can then manage and grow your fleet, powering them up into the most powerful fleet in the world.

You can earn prizes in many ways, such as single-player battles and PvP modes, but to give an edge to loyal players (or to new players in the case of promotional purposes), the devs have implemented gift codes, or redeem codes, which can be exchanged for prizes. These codes are given out by the developers, but similarly to cheat codes, they often give you free stuff that you normally would have to spend money to get, such as gold or lots of cash.

Read on for a list of redeem/gift codes, how to get more of them, and how to redeem them in Warship Legend!

In order to be able to redeem gift codes for prizes, you need to be done with the tutorial. The tutorial takes forever to complete, but it will be worth it once you’re able to Exchange Codes for prizes.

As soon as you’re able to, tap on your avatar, which is in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, tap on the button that says “redeem“. From here, you will be able to enter a code, which, when you confirm it, will earn you a fresh batch of prizes.

Knowing how to redeem the code is useless unless you actually have code to redeem. To start finding these codes, a good first step is looking on the official social media channels for the game. Facebook is a good place to start, but look for the official channels on every possible social media outlet, not just Facebook.

Look at all of the outlets, not just one of them. Developers sometimes put codes on only one social media page but not on the other ones, especially in the case of something like a subscriber contest being the reason The code is released. So look at all of them, and be sure to subscribe to.

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Go to the Subreddit for the game and look for codes that have been posted by other players. Whenever a player gets a code, most likely they are going to post it here first, and players also like to hang around here, asking if anybody has any codes. So take advantage of their generosity, and if you have a code that you don’t see here, be sure to be generous and post it as well.

If you find a link with a Discord invite, then click it and get yourself invited to the chat. Use the search bar to look for messages that contain codes; sometimes, players will post curves here the second that they use them, so this is a great way to look for the newest of the codes.

Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store, go to the reviews, and see if anybody has posted a code in the review section. Additionally, be sure to post codes in The review section if you don’t see them posted there, even if you see them posted on other sources.

Look for videos about the game, because sometimes these videos contain codes that have not been released anywhere else yet. Twitch streamers and YouTube video content creators are the best and most prolific sources of videos about the game, so be sure to check there first.

Right now, no official codes have been released yet for this game, or at least no universal codes have. We are definitely keeping on the lookout for them, though, and as soon as they pop up, we’re going to update the article and add them in. if you have codes that you don’t see posted here, post them in our comment section!


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