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Creatures of Aether: List of Coupon Codes and How To Find More of Them

Creatures of Aether is a card game for the iOS and Android platforms where you play a card game against the opposition, with the goal being to use your number, and the elements on the screen, to beat the opposing cards until you knock out the other player. You can play this in both single and multiplayer modes on a quest to become the top player and beat the game.

To get you off to a head start, or to get you an edge as a reward for being engaged, the developer often gives out coupon codes. Sometimes, though, they can be somewhat difficult to find, but we can help you find many more of them.

Read on for a guide on how to find more coupon codes, a list of ones that have already been found, and how to redeem them in Creatures of Aether!

First, you have to make your way through the tutorial before you can exchange coupon codes. Once you do that, and you’re able to tap anywhere you want to, tap on the top right menu, then click on the settings button, which looks like a gear.

Once you do that, click on the icon that looks like a small gold coupon, which will be on the left side. This opens up the coupon code screen. Once you do that, type in the code that you want to try, confirm it, then watch the rewards roll in.

Knowing how to redeem them as only half the battle; now, you need to actually have codes to redeem. The best place to start looking is on the official social media channels for the game. Check all of their social media channels, whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or somewhere else.

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Check all of their social media channels, not just one. The reason for this is that the developers sometimes like to run contests that are exclusive to one channel, with a code being the reward, so if the code is exclusive to that one channel, it won’t pop up on any other channels.

Next, check the download pages on the app stores for both the iOS and Android platforms. Go to the review section, look for reviews that other players have posted, and see if any of the other players have added codes to their reviews. If you have a code to share, then be sure to share it in the review section as well.

Check the sub Reddit for the game, because this tends to be where players congregate in order to talk about the game, whether that involves sharing memes or sharing actual information. When players find codes, this tends to be one of the first places that they will go to post them. Be sure to post codes that you have if you found any that you don’t see listed as well.

Check the Discord chat and look to see if anybody has posted messages about codes. An easy way to do this is by using the search bar and type in the word “coupon codes“ or simply the word “codes“. Most likely, there are going to be a ton of messages from players asking for codes, but you should be able to find messages from somebody sharing codes, too.

Twitch and YouTube are great sources, as are other video sources, such as Facebook live or Facebook messenger. Video creators are often privy to codes that nobody else gets, or at least codes that haven’t gone out to anybody else yet, because they often know who to talk to in order to get exclusive codes. They work both as a promotional tool for their channels, and for a promotional tool for the developers to grow the audience of the game, so take it vantage of their connections and check video sources for codes.

As of this moment, this game is brand new, so no universal coupon codes have gone out for it yet. Keep checking back here, though, because when they do come out, we will be the first to post them!


Tuesday 12th of April 2022