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Aether Gazer: Full Gift Code List and Guide

Aether Gazer is a gorgeous new anime RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game takes place in a world where war and death have forced humanity to upload its consciousness into Gaea, which is an AI that orbits the earth. You can battle through both the AI civilizations and the remnants of earth, rack up premium currencies while collecting super rare characters, and a whole lot more.

Gift codes have been added to the game by the developers in order to incentivize new players, while also rewarding those who engage with a game on social media. Gift codes can be exchanged for free prizes and redeemed for free gifts, and while they typically only last for a limited time, if you are engaged with the game, you can maximize your rewards by using as many of them as possible.

Read on for a list of gift codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Aether Gazer!

To use the gift codes, play through the tutorial into you get to the point where you can click other things. Once you do, tap on your avatar, then tap on the “pet“ menu.

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Once you get there, tap on the button that says “redeem code“. Then enter your code by typing it or by copy and pasting it, confirm it, and you will receive your rewards instantly.

Start off by looking on the official Facebook page for the game. This is one of your most likely sources for codes, because the developers run ads on Facebook as well. Look up and down the feed, subscribe to the official page, and you will be the first to get access to many of these codes.

Look at other social media channels, as well. If you find an official page for the game on Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media network, look through the pages for new codes. Sometimes codes get posted on other social media platforms that don’t get posted on Facebook.

Go to the App Store that you downloaded this game from, go to the review page, sort them from newest to oldest, and look for any reviews that contain codes. If you don’t find any reviews that contain codes, then be sure to post some codes of your own in a review.

Video streamers and content creators often get access to codes before anybody else does. Twitch and YouTube are great sources for codes for that reason. Look through videos and streams that have been posted on both platforms, look for anything advertising codes in the title, then watch the video to find codes.

If you find a Subreddit for the game, that will be one of your best sources for codes. Look in the Subreddit for any posts by other players where they have shared codes that they have found. If you have found codes that you don’t see a post in here, then be sure to share them with other players and pay it forward.

As of right now, the following new codes have been posted for Aether Gazer:


Be sure to use this code as soon as possible before it expires, and be sure to save this article so that you can find the new codes whenever they’re added. Additionally, if you have a code that we haven’t posted yet, check the comments section, and any time that you come across a new code that we don’t have, post it in the comments!