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Logic Master 1 – Mind Twist: All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: to tap the button to begin the game, ignore the words on the buttons and pay attention to the colors. Tap the blue one.

Level 2: To tap the red balloons from left to right, ignore the non-red balloons. New balloons will pop up constantly so if more than one pops up at a time, always just tap the one on the left.

Level 3: to burn the match sticks, tap the match sticks from right to left, not left to right.

Level 4: To tap the balls from lightest to heaviest, tap the Beachball, the tennis ball, the basketball, then the bowling ball.

Level 5: To put all three eggs in one basket, move the chicken to find an egg. Put the egg in the basket. Repeat this two more times until the chicken runs out of eggs.

Level 6: The third puzzle piece from the left is the one with the different shape. It has one gap in it instead of two.

Level 7: To tap the bat, put your finger over the sun and move it off the screen to make it dark. Then when the bat comes out, tap it.

Level 8: to tap the true and false in the right order, tap checkmark for true and X for false. On the last step, only true will pop up, but if you wait for 5 to 10 seconds, it’ll change to false.

Level 9: To pass without touching the green button, tap anywhere on the screen except for the green button.

Level 10: to pop the balloons from left to right, pop them one at a time. After the second to last balloon, you’ll see another balloon pop up at the bottom of the screen. Tap and drag that up to the knife and pop it, then pop the last balloon.

Level 11: to pop the balls from smallest to biggest, tap each of them to inflate them until they won’t inflate anymore. Then pop them from smallest to biggest.

Level 12: tap on the buttons from left to right until the game tells you to reverse the direction. Then tap on the right one, then tap on the left one after that.

Level 13: The game tells you always to tap on the chicken first, so tap on the chicken. Then four animals will pop up. Tap on the chicken, then the pink, then the green, then the gray.

Level 14: to help the slowest bud win the race, start the race and then tap and drag the slowest bug as close to the finish line as possible.

Level 15: To easily pass this level, screen capture the four cards and then refer back to your screen capture once you get the next command.

Level 16: What comes next? Each shape has an inside shade. The order goes triangle, square, pentagon. So the next one will have a hexagon inside it. Three, four, five, six.

Level 17: Tap anywhere on the screen to continue after you memorize the animals on scene. Tap the shadow of the elephant on the next screen.

Level 18: To help the two small fish to escape, tap to start the level and then use two fingers to hold the sharks back until the small fish reach the end.

Level 19: To feed all the animals, feed the cheese to the rat and the mosquito to the frog. Then feed both the rat and the frog to the bird.

Level 20: to solve rat plus cheese = ?, drag the rat to the other side of the equation. Rat plus cheese equals rat.

Level 21: Keep pressing the red button until no more up here. Then press the blue button on the left side.

Level 22: Tap the cat, then the rat, then the cat. Ignore the dogs.

Level 23: Simply drag the frog in a way that follows the dotted line, bouncing off the balls.

Level 24: The one that does not belong is the cloud, so tap on the cloud.

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Level 25: To figure out which side is lighter, take the gold that is not on a scale and put it on one side. Then tap the other side.

Level 26: Pop the balloons, but not the first red one. Leave it alone and it will be replaced with a blue balloon and a chicken. Tap the chicken, then the blue balloon. Then tap the rest of the balloons.

Level 27: Use the magnifying glass to zoom in on the bee. Then tap its right wing and left antenna, which will be, from your perspective, the left wing and the right antenna.

Level 28: When red blue green pop up, tap the screen. Pay attention to the color of the font for all three words. The color of the word blue is green.

Level 29: To find all of the objects except the same one, tap on the cards except the bottom left one.

Level 30: simply put all the animals in the wrong boxes to pass the level.

Level 31: To tap the smallest square on the screen, tap the only square on the screen. All the shapes are rectangles except one.

Level 32: Ignore the fact that the arrow is pointing to the left, and slide it to the right.

Level 33: Knock out the balloons according to the color of each word, not the color that the word says. The order is red, green, blue.

Level 34: Touch the glass filled with lemonade, which is the yellow liquid, then touch the glass filled with air, which is any glass.

Level 35: To tap the longest match stick, add the half piece of match to one of the match sticks, then when it lengthens, tap it.

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Level 36: To touch the blue button, start dragging the red button, then drag the red buttons behind it. New hidden red buttons will keep popping up. Eventually a blue button will pop up on the bottom of the screen, and when it does, tap it.

Level 37: To help the slow bug win again, start the race and then drag the fast bugs backwards until the slow one crosses the line.

Level 38: To put the good tire on the car, swap the front tire with the back tire.

Level 39: To tap the right shoe, tap the only shoe that would go on a right foot instead of the left foot.

Level 40: tap anywhere to continue, then drag the cars into the shapes, then drag the bike shadow over the bike itself.

Level 41: to find the second ball, first tap on the chicken, then find the other beach ball and tap it.

Level 42: To park the car in the no parking area, first put the blank parking area over the no parking sign by dragging it with your finger. Then drag the car into the no parking area.

Level 43: To find X, move the rectangle out of the way and there will be an X behind it.

Level 44: To complete the bug with the correct image, tap on the right half of the first picture.

Level 45: To find all the dissimilar cards, tap every card except for the other fish.

Level 46: To tap blue, red, green, and brown in reverse order, tap brown, green, red, and blue.

Level 47: The bee is the only one that does not appear.

Level 48: to tap the objects from hottest to coolest, tap the sun, the coffee, the thermometer, and the snowman.

Level 49: To fly me to the Moon, move the sun and the earth out of the way to reveal the moon and a rocket. Then drag the rocket to the moon.

Level 50: Simply click seven times on the red lights quickly.

Level 51: The text color of the blue rectangle is white. The green rectangle how’s the word blue ribbon in it.

Level 52: To tap from smallest to largest according to size, tap the moon, the earth, the sun, and the galaxy, in that order.

Level 53: to blow out the birthday candles from 1 to 4, tap one, two, three, chicken, four.

Level 54: Change 1-1=111 into 1+1=2 (II in Roman numerals) by moving a vertical match from the end to the minus sign.

Level 55: To tap three dice to make 14, tap on 6, then 5, then 3. Count them before you tap them.

Level 56: The listed veggies and fruit are orange, carrot, tomato, green apple, lemon, banana. If nothing is there, wait a bit and it will pop up.

Level 57: To stop the time, tap on the word time in the question.

Level 58: You forgot to get one item from the list in Level 56. Tap on strawberry first, then tap on the lemon.

Level 59: To choose the next domino piece, remember to connect identical pieces together. Tap on 3|4.

Level 60: To get the monkey off of the tree, take one of the bananas off and the monkey will follow.

Level 61: To pop the balls from smallest to biggest, hit the smallest one first, then hit whichever one is the smallest At the moment you pop it.

Level 62: red, green, pink, blue, gray. Tap the color name and ignore the font color.

Level 63: Count the sides of all of the shapes. 3+4+6=13.

Level 64: If you pass the car in second place, that means you are in second now.

Level 65: To touch them in reverse order, tap bat, cab, can, cat, then rat.

Level 66: To touch the smallest fish, drag the shark around to eat all but one fish. Then tap the leftover fish.

Level 67: The missing puzzle piece is the bottom right one.

Level 68: The hour hand is moving faster on the left click so that is the one that is moving faster.

Level 69: To escape the earth, pull the earth away from the rocket, downwards, then let go of the screen.

Level 70: Which one does not appear? The carrot is the one that doesn’t appear in the first screen – and coincidentally, is the only one that is not a fruit.

Level 71: It’s getting cold, so to stop the fan now, pull downward on the plug with your finger to unplug it.

Level 72: What is Z made out of? Z is made entirely out of the number 7.

Level 73: To tap the biggest number, put together all three of them to make 987541.

Level 74: To help the man cross the street, don’t do anything at first. Wait for the light to turn green, and then tap the screen and he will cross the street.

Level 75: Tap the ladybugs with 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, then 6 spots, and ignore all of the other random ladybugs that pop up after the 4-spot bug.

Level 76: To help the slowest bug win the race, keep dragging the fast bug back over and over again. The fast bug is actually six bugs on top of each other so you’re going to have to do a LOT of dragging.

Level 77: To stop the ice cream from melting, put the cloud in front of the sun to make the heat go away.

Level 78: To fit all of the shapes into the areas below, put the square, circle, and hexagon into where they fit, then put the triangle into the square’s space.

Level 79: Check the animals more carefully. Tap the animals in order from Zebra, Alligator, Toucan, Elephant.

Level 80: To help the car to win the race, move the finish line to other side so that the car crosses it on its own.

Level 81: Touch the black circles whenever they pop up. During the pop up screen when there are no black circles, wait about 15 seconds and a bunch of black circles will appear. Then touch them again.

Level 82: The missing color in the circle is gray – ignore the font colors and focus on the words that the fonts say.

Level 83: Play the pairs game and find all objects. To make it easier, all you have to do is screen capture the cards in the first screen.

Level 84: Just touch the number with the smallest font, the biggest number, and the biggest even number – 25, 19, and 4.

Level 85: Grab the balloons and use them to stop each knife that flies onto the screen until there are no more balloons or knives left.

Level 86: To write the smallest number possible, write 111, since you can tap the same button more than one time.

Level 87: To touch the red button 8 times, keep touching it until it turns green, then wait for about five seconds and it will turn red again. When it turns back to red, touch it again.

Level 88: To solve the equation 1-1=1, change it to +1=1 by moving the leftmost match over the minus sign.

Level 89: To tap the circles according to the increasing number of unique colors, tap the center circle, the right circle, then the left circle.

Level 90: To unlock the computer, remember the Z-note from the beginning. Tap on 1235789 to unlock the computer.

Level 91: Tap Check X X Check X X Check X X Check Check X, then when you have leftover checkmarks and X’s, ignore them for five seconds and the stage will end.

Level 92: To stop the moving car, tap the stopped car to make it move, then hold it with your finger to stop it again. Ignore the car that’s moving to begin with.

Level 93: Mary’s mother has three children, one named April and one named May. What’s the other named? Mary, because Mary’s MOTHER has the three children.

Level 94: Tap the base of the lightbulb (where it screws in) to light it up and make a chicken appear, then tap the chicken.

Level 95: To drag the pieces to form a square, put the upside-down T on the bottom, the sideways T on the left, and the upside-down L on the right.

Level 96: To press 2, 4, 6, 8 after 10, press buttons in this order: 10, 2, 4, 6, 8, but do NOT press the green button.

Level 97: To touch the biggest triangle, drag out the inside matches and then touch the triangle.

Level 98: To touch on timer and continue, touch the stopwatch at the bottom right corner of the page, not the watch or the grandfather clock.

Level 99: To tap the bat, tap the chickens every time that they pop up. When two chickens pop up, tap them both with two fingers at a time. Then when there are no chickens, tap the bat.

Level 100: To help the monkey get down from the tree, put the two clouds together above the tree to make lightning, which will knock down the tree and get the monkey down.

Level 101: To get the car to the finish line, move the big cloud to reveal the sun and melt the snow hill.

Level 102: Tap seven times, then wait about ten seconds without tapping, and you will continue to the next stage.

Level 103: To touch the moving fish, drag the shark towards the fish to make it swim away, then tap it.

Level 104: To put three eggs in the basket, tap the question three times to make three eggs fall, then wait a bit (don’t make four eggs fall).

Level 105: To solve the equation 6 > 9, remove the eraser and the blackboard will flip over, making it 6 (less than) 9.

Level 106: To pass this level without pushing the red or blue buttons, tap outside of the buttons.

Level 107: Large red, small blue, large blue square, red diamond, small red square. That’s the order to tap in.

Level 108: To pass this one, drag the red background out of the way so that it’s not behind the blue button. Then tap the blue button.

Level 109: Red diamond is five, blue square is one, red square is three. 3 – 1 + 5 = 7.

Level 110: Frog is three, elephant is six. Upside down elephant is upside down six (AKA nine). 3 + 9 = 12

Level 111: Which ruler is the largest? Look at the units of measurement. The short one extends to 30 meters, therefore it’s the largest.

Level 112: Tap up, left, left, down, right, to tap the buttons in the correct order.

Stay tuned for the rest of the answers to Logic Master 1!


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