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Brain Storm: Logical Puzzles: All Answers and Solutions for All Levels and Questions

Level 1: To “find the biggest one”, tap on the picture of the watermelon. It might be the smallest picture, but in person it’s the largest actual fruit.

Level 2: Even though there are ten birds in the picture, there are only nine ducks. The bird with the short beak toward the back of the crowd is not a real duck, so tap on that one.

Level 3: The tallest object on the screen is not any of the four animals. Instead, tap on the sun in the top left hand corner of the screen, because that’s technically the tallest of the objects.

Level 4: To find the different one, drag and move all of the pieces of watermelon around, until you find the one with a bite taken out of it. Then tap the bitten one since that’s the different one.

Level 5: To create a rectangle, take the square and drag it just a little bit off of the screen to hide part of it. Then it will look like a rectangle.

Level 6: There are a total of 11 triangles on the map of the pyramid/pentagram.

Level 7: To find out what the largest fire is, put all four of the other fires on the screen on top of each other to make one giant fire, then tap it. That will be the biggest of the fires.

Level 8: To figure out the number under your parked car, drag the car out of the way and then type in the number that’s underneath the car, on the parking space itself.

Level 9: For the kind of mark that you would give to the game, tap on the box labeled “full marks”. All of the other marks are too low and won’t be accepted.

Level 10: To wake up the owl, take the sun and drag it down off of the bottom of the screen. The sky will get dark and the owl will wake up, since owls are nocturnal animals in real life.

Level 11: The question says to write out the right answer. It doesn’t say to listen to any of the other equations, which are all wrong. Therefore 4+5=9.

Level 12: To tap the fruits from left to right, avoid the potato as it is not a fruit. Tap the fruits from left to right, then tap the hexagon, circle, and rectangle, while ignoring the potato.

Level 13: To win the game of tic tac toe, tap the middle square and the middle-left square at the exact same time to make two circles appear at once. It might be cheating, but in this game, it works.

Level 14: To find the chick, pick up each of the hens with your finger and swipe back and forth rapidly to shake them around. The chick will pop up, so tap it and you’ll win.

Level 15: To find the darkest color on the screen, tap on any of the letters in the question. The font is entirely black, and all of the letters are the same color, so any of them will work.

Level 16: To count the number of hairs, drag the character’s wig out of the way and then count the hairs on his head. There will be three on his head.

Level 17: To help the baby duckling drink water, drag it over to the puddle of water on the ground using your finger, and it will start drinking automatically.

Level 18: To solve the given equation, use your finger to take the tally mark off of the 7 to turn it into a 1, then move it over to the number on the right to make it into a 2. 1+0.7+0.3=2.

Level 19: To find something that you can eat, drag the bean bag chair and the dog footprint and drag one over the other. All of a sudden, the two combined look like a steak.

Level 20: To help the bunny win the race, hit go, then use your fingers to hold down the other two animals. While doing this, hit Go over and over with a third finger until the rabbit finishes.

Level 21: To find the ring, open the can of dog food using the tab on the top, then drag the food over to the dog to make it eat. When the dog finishes eating, it will poop and the ring will be inside of it.

Level 22: The game asks which letters people like to listen to the most. The letters of the alphabet that people like to listen to the most are CD, since CDs play music.

Level 23: The sign says no smoking, but there is a cigarette lit in the picture. Tap on the lit end of the cigarette until it goes out.

Level 24: To find out how many coins you have, put the coins into the piggy bank, then tap it until it breaks, then count all of the coins. There are 15 coins total, including coins that were already in the piggy bank before you broke it open.

Level 25: To make something to eat, move all of the elements of the picture apart, take the face off of the sun, then put the sun on top of the clouds to make a poached egg.

Level 26: It only takes one cut to cut a circle into eight pieces. That’s because you can fold a circle multiple times and then cut it once after you do the folding.

Level 27: Enlarge the ant hill by zooming out on it with two fingers, and include the ants on the hill when you count. There are a total of 17 ants on the hill.

Level 28: The right symbol is worth 1, to the left of that is 2, to the left of that one is 4, then to the left one is 8.

Level 29: To tap on the butterfly above the text, take your finger and tap the text, then drag it down move the text down below the butterfly in the picture, then tap that butterfly.

Level 30: To turn on the fan, put two fingers on either side of the broken red wire in order to conduct electricity and turn the fan on. The human body conducts electricity.

Level 31: Tap all eight of the animals here. Tap the cloud to make rain and draw out the worm. Tap the human also. Use the following diagram:

Level 32: To help the baby get to sleep, pick up your phone and rock it the same way that you would rock a baby to sleep. Singing is not required as the game has no access to your microphone.

Level 33: You can save your mom and your girlfriend at the same time. You don’t have to choose one or the other. Just use two fingers to pull up both of them at the same time.

Level 34: To drive the car to the road sign, drag the question and the cloud out of the way to reveal the sun, which will melt the ice and allow you to drive through.

Level 35: To help the rabbit eat carrots, simply drag the carrots over to the rabbit with your finger. The rabbit will then eat them automatically.

Level 36: To help them cross the river, use two fingers to zoom in on the boat to make it the size of the river. Once you do, they will cross the boat on their own.

Level 37: You can tap in the same number more than one time. Tap 6, then 3, then 3 again to make 12 with three numbers.

Level 38: To put “everything” into the box, put all of the objects into the box, including the question itself. The game is very literal about it.

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Level 39: To win the game of whack a mole, drag the mole over to the hammer, instead of trying to use the hammer to hit the mole.

Level 40: To rescue the giraffe, turn your phone upside down to make the key fall out of the bucket. Then use the key to unlock the cage and let the giraffe out.

Level 41: To solve the equation, pretend that the line breaks don’t exist. When 1 is followed by 1 on a new line, it’s actually 11. The answer is 39.

Level 42: There are a lot of hidden objects here, so just tap randomly. You’ll eventually find all of the hidden objects in the picture. You have no penalty for wrong taps, so you can’t lose this level. Or use this diagram:

Level 43: To wake up Zozo, tap on the handle of the door. Her mom will walk in and wake her up.

Level 44: if 1=5, then 5=1. Ignore all of the other equations as they are wrong and there is no pattern to any of them.

Level 45: Remove one of the fake cups from the picture. Then tap on cup 4, because that is the one that will fill first.

Level 46: 909 is the largest number that you can make by moving just one matchstick.

Level 47: To find something that you cannot eat, tap on the nest underneath the chicken. You can eat a chicken but you can’t eat a nest!

Level 48: To help Tom get her attention, grab her purse with your finger and then give it to Tom. She will then start chasing after him.

Level 49: To find the aliens, find the aliens’ feet and drag the spaceship over. The aliens’ feet are hidden behind the rock on the left side of the screen, so drag the UFO above it.

Level 50: To correct the direction, turn your phone to the right so that the up arrow is facing up and the down arrow is facing down.

Level 51: There are a total of 10 French fry boxes on the screen. Drag some of the French fry boxes off of each other using your finger in order to see all of them and verify.

Level 52: To find the panda, look around the picture for a panda face among the sea of elephant faces. The panda is toward the top right quadrant of the picture.

Level 53: To get rid of the mess, use your finger to rub the red paint off of the side of the well. Ignore the spilled container of red paint next to it.

Level 54: Click on the orange rectangle three times, and the green one five times. At one point the green one will turn orange, though, so just wait a few seconds and it will turn back into green.

Level 55: To make your dream come true, rub the genie lamp with your finger. Then tap on the red book on the bookshelf in the background, as that will give you all three of your wishes by teaching them to you.

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Level 56: The circle is the shape with the most sides, as it has an infinite number of sides.

Level 57: The patterns are a bit hard to figure out for the numbers given, but the blank number is 91.

Level 58: To find the photo, grab the envelope with your finger and turn the phone sideways to shake the photo out of it. You need to be holding the envelope or else it will fall down instead of just the photo.

Level 59: To wake up the little piggy, put your finger over its nose, and it will wake up due to not being able to breathe. Hold your finger there for about five seconds total.

Level 60: To help them get on a blind date successfully, click on the dog multiple times and it will turn around, revealing a heart-shaped fur patch on its butt.

Level 61: To find the number 8, just look for it in the sea of 9’s. It’s toward the upper right quadrant of the picture. Tap it when you see it. Use your phone’s zoom-in setting if you need to.

Level 62: To find the color green, take the blue square and put it on top of the yellow square, or vice versa. It will then become a green square.

Level 63: To make a hexagon, put the four-sided trapezoid on top of the square to merge them together and make a six-sided shape.

Level 64: For the pattern AEBFC, the even numbered letters are E and F, so the next logical letter in line is the letter G.

Level 65: To complete the crazy pin circle, throw every single one of the darts at the dartboard with out any of them hitting each other.

Level 66: The picture of the clock will still show the number hand at 9:00 after three hours, because it’s not a real clock, just a picture.

Level 67: To count all of the chicks, move all of them to find hidden chicks, then move the “clear” button to find a tiny chick behind it. Then move that chick and the ones behind it to count them all. There is a total of 11 chicks.

Level 68: To comfort the dog, put your finger over it and rub back and forth.

Level 69: To find out the hidden stars, pick up your phone and shake it until stars appear over the heads of all of the animals.

Level 70: Move multiple matches around until you turn 18=1 into 1-0=1, which is the true equation.

Level 71: To find the mother hen, move the entire screen to the left until the mother hen pops up, then tap on the mother hen. You don’t need to do anything to the baby chickens.

Level 72: Add up the three largest numbers, including the numbers that are present on the keyboard. Counting those, the largest numbers are 7+8+9, so the answer is 24.

Level 73: Move the question “Eat Carrots Again!” downward until it blocks the gap. Then move and jump the bunny across the gap to help it get to the carrots.

Level 74: To enter the correct password, put “ErrOr” in front of a mirror. It becomes 70773, which is the correct password.

Level 75: The little elephant is lonely, so to fix that, hold your finger down on the elephant until the Copy option comes up. Tap Copy and the elephant will turn into two elephants.

Level 76: To light up the fourth bulb, simply hit the start button, then hit the stop button right when or right before the fourth bulb lights up. That’s all you have to do – no tricks in this question.

Level 77: To calculate the perimeter, imagine it as a full rectangle, then add the 4’s from the cut-outs. The answer is 58.

Level 78: The cat’s outstretched claw is the right-side claw. According to the game, the most similar claw is the left claw, the one that is holding the giant coin, so tap the left claw.

Level 79: To make the equation 3+5=3 correct, tap and spin the second 3, and it will turn into an 8, and 3+5=8, making the equation correct.

Level 80: To go to the exit, walk the chicken around the maze instead of through it, to the exit sign on the other side of the maze.

Level 81: To give Zoe the sediment juice at the bottom of the glass, simply drag the bottom of the glass over to her mouth and she will drink the juice in it.

Level 82: To put the shapes inside of the right frame, put the red shape and the blue shape into their silhouettes, then put the yellow shape inside of the red shape.

Level 83: To spot the differences, move the table out of the way to reveal two hidden flower pots. Then tap all of the differences that you can find.

Level 84: There are a total of nine holes in the pants. This includes the front and back of the two main holes on the thighs, the leg cuffs, the fly, the waist, and an invisible hole on the back.

Level 85: Double the number of watermelon pieces with each cut. The total answer is 1024 after ten cuts.

Level 86: Light the stick on fire using the campfire, then place it at the end of the pipe. Cover the other end of the pipe using your finger and the rat will run out the end with the stick.

Level 87: Drag the mouse around and you will see a small arrow pop up on the screen. Aim the arrow at the “next“ button, then tap the left mouse arrow.

Level 88: Drag the _ to the far left side upwards a bit to turn it into a minus symbol. Then type 999 for the other three digits. This is the smallest possible number.

Level 89: To beat the crazy arrow level with 20 darts, zoom out on the dartboard to increase the size so that you actually have room to work with. Then shoot 20 darts at the large board.

Level 90: To hide the gamepad from your mom, cover it up with your finger for about five seconds or so.

Level 91: To turn the pyramid upside down, move the top circle to the bottom, and move the left and right corner circles upward about two spaces each.

Level 92: Ignore the 33 right next to the first line. Tap the numbers in the order that they are given. Write them down to make it easier. When you get to the last 33, tap on the first 33.

Level 93: To help the little girl get to the cupcake, move the middle right platform out of the way, then walk her off of the platform that she is on to the cupcake.

Level 94: Since Zoe is four years older, so is Lulu. That makes Lulu 16 years old, since she was 12 years old originally.

Level 95: To win this game of tic-tac-toe, drag the blue circle out of the question into one of the squares, then tap the square in line at with it to add another blue circle and win.

Level 96: To eat the noodles, put the noodles in the bowl, and pour the boiling water into the bowl, then put your finger over the bowl for about five seconds. This will cook the noodles.

Level 97: To turn the upside down chair into a right side up chair, move the bottom horizontal match to the top, then move the left side leg from the upside down chair to the bottom right.

Level 98: If CDE = EFH, then EFH = HFI.

Level 99: The panda is in the lower right corner of the picture. Take the scarves off and look for the one that has the panda ears.

Level 100: To help the little bat fall asleep, turn your phone upside down. Bats only sleep upside down.

Level 101: To enter the biggest possible number, tap on the two zeros and hit enter. The two zeros look like an infinity symbol.

Level 102: If you move two matchsticks, then the largest number that you will be able to make is 31,181.

Level 103: To turn off the light to go to bed, put your phone face down or hold your phone so that it is facing downward.

Level 104: To get rid of the nasty fly, hold one finger down on the screen and the fly will land on it. Then tap it with another finger to smash it.

Level 105: No tricks here. The cheapest one is the video game controller, which has the lowest price out of all four of the items.

Level 106: You don’t have to save your mom and girlfriend because your character is actually asleep. Wake him up by shaking your phone.

Level 107: To make 5+5+5=550 true, tap on the first plus sign and it turns into 545+5=550.

Level 108: Simply do what the question says. Tap the fruits from left to right. Then tap the shapes. The square and the diamond are the same thing, so tap that shape twice.

Level 109: To give Jack the Minute Maid, shake your phone for between 10 and 20 seconds, then hand him the bottle of orange soda.

Level 110: For which dream you want to come true, tap on all three of the dreams at the same time with three different fingers.

Level 111: To tap on the menu, instead of tapping on the main menu of the game, tap on the light gray word “menu” hiding against a white background.

Level 112: To open the box, grab the box with one finger, and while holding it, use another finger to slide the lid up off of the box.

Level 113: In the case of this pattern, 5 = 43215.

Level 114: There are a total of 8 differences between the two pictures.

Level 115: Tap the blue button ten times, but ignore the number next to it because it skips a number. Then tap on the red button one time.

Level 116: Keep the scale balanced by taking everything out of both sides of the scale, so that neither side has any weight in it.

Level 117: To count the hair on the kid’s head, swipe on his head to make him turn around. He has a total of 38 hairs on his head.

Level 118: The coin cat is worth 9, the coin cat with a paw up is worth 10, the paws are worth 1 apiece, and the head is worth 5. Use PEMDAS. The answer is 14.

Level 119: Today is Tyke’s second birthday, so light the middle candle on the cake and then turn your phone sideways to tilt the flame and light one of the other two candles.

Level 120: To find the mother hen, use two fingers to zoom out on the screen and the mother hen will appear. Then tap on it.

Level 121: To help the duck drink water, move all of the clouds so that they covered the sun. This will start a thunderstorm, and the rain it will help the duck drink.

Level 122: To figure out what the temperature is, put your finger on the bottom of the thermometer and wait for it to reach your body temperature, then enter it into the entry box.

Level 123: To mix red and blue together, put your finger over the mouth of the test tube and shake your phone.

Level 124: To put the giraffe in the fridge, zoom in on the fridge with two fingers to make it bigger than the giraffe. Then put the fridge over the giraffe.

Level 125: To turn off the light again, swipe on the lightbulb over and over to unscrew it until it turns off.

Level 126: Between the numbers 1 and 199, the number 1 is used a total of 140 times.

Level 127: To get the bunny to the carrot, give the bunny one of the hearts in the upper left corner of the screen. The bunny will grow huge. Then use the directional and jump buttons to jump across the platform.

Level 128: ET left with the UFO, so there are five letters gone out of the 26 letters total. That means 21 letters are left.

Level 129: To light up all of the bulbs, drag the right bulb off of the screen and then start hitting switches until you turn on the remaining two bulbs.

Level 130: One of the candles is 70cm and burns out in six hours, the other is 50cm and burns in three hours. They will be the same length in six hours, when they are both completely melted.

Level 131: each equation is actually the left side multiplied by the left side with a minus sign. (7+3)(7-3) = 410

Level 132: To cut the baby’s hair, rock your phone like you’re rocking a baby until the baby falls asleep. Then use the clippers to give it a haircut.

Level 133: To pop the champagne, shake the phone up until you feel it vibrate. Then pop the cork off with your finger.

Level 134: Each grape is worth one and each plant is worth two. The total for the last equation is 20.

Level 135: Tap on the bottom right switch and on the switch next to the top right one, then tap the OK button to get some water.

Level 136: To figure out which sheep is actually the wolf, take the meat and put it in front of the sheep to see which one gets excited eyes. Then while the excited eyes are out, use a different finger to drag the sheep clothes up off of the wolf.

Level 137: To wake up the baby for the milk, wind the clock forward until the baby wakes up. Then bring the milk bottle up to the baby’s face to get it to drink the milk.

Level 138: To make the paper windmill spin quickly, all that you have to do is wave your phone around to simulate wind resistance hitting the phone, then the pinwheel will spin.

Level 139: To find a heart, all that you have to do is take the two red bullet shapes, and put one of them on top of the other, to make them look like a heart shape.

Level 140: To enter the time, enter whatever the current time is on your phone. If it’s a PM time, then enter it in military time (for example, 2:31 PM will be entered as 14:31)

Level 141: Do the opposite of what the directions tell you to do, which is not to pick up the stone. Pick up the stone by lifting it with three fingers at the same time.

Level 142: To count the triangles, tap on the shape and drag, and one of the triangles will lift off. Then count the total number of triangles in both shapes. There are 7 triangles total.

Level 143: To help the cat catch a fish, shake the phone to pull the lure out of the water. Then take the worm and put it on the lure, then drop it back into the water. Then shake the phone again to pull it out of the water with a fish on it.

Level 144: To make a skate, tilt the heart onto its left side. Then tilt the F-shaped purple item so it looks like an ice skate blade. Then take the brown disc (bottom of the coffee cup) and put it onto the top of the heart, so it looks like the top of an ice skate.

Level 145: The note in the box tells you that the calendar date is yesterday, so add one day to it. Then subtract 16 from 2019 since it’s Zozo’s 16th birthday. The password is 20030816.

Level 146: To help him escape from the secret room, unscrew the lightbulb to make it dark so the guard doesn’t catch you. Then hit the escape button over and over until you break out.

Level 147: To free Pigsy from the monster, pick up the monster and shake it to free a golden band. Put the band on the monkey’s head to turn it into the Monkey King. Give it a chair leg to use as a staff and it will attack the monster.

Level 148: An easy way to find all of the hidden items is just to tap randomly around the picture, and you’ll find most of them. After that, then look for the ones that you haven’t found yet. Or use this diagram:

Level 149: To pick the fruit, grab the logs and place them on the tree trunk, one above the other. Then grab the ropes and place them at the base of the tree. The logs and the rope will combine into a ladder.

Level 150: To make the equation true, flip the 9 upside down by rotating it to make it a 6. Then tap 13, 11, and 6. 13+11+6=30.

Level 151: To follow the ping pong ball around, just watch the cup that has it at the beginning the first two times. On the third time, x10 will appear for the speed multiplier. Use a finger to erase the 0 to turn it back into x1, then follow the cup again.

Level 152: You don’t have to give up any one of them. All you have to do is grab the end of one string and drag it to the other string to tie the two sides together.

Level 153: The old lady has seven sons, each of whom has one sister, but the one sister is the sister to all seven of the sons, so she has eight children total.

Level 154: To catch the thief, move the rock in front of the tree to find the shovel. Use the shovel to dig a hole in front of him. Then use the pile of dry brown grass to cover it up.

Level 155: To save the egg, hold the barbell with one finger, then use the other finger to drag the egg downward in order to get it away from the barbell.

Level 156: To help the dog win the horse race, move the dog over to the hare’s horse. The dog and the hare will automatically switch horses. Then hit the start button to do the race and win.

Level 157: To make the ice cream, put the ice and the milk into the machine. Then put the cone onto the stand in front. Then swipe to the right with two fingers at a time, and plug the ice cream machine into the power source.

Level 158: If you have 10 candles, and two candles burn out, then you will have two candles left. The other eight candles will melt down into wax.

Level 159: To protect the rocket for 15 seconds, take the word Protect out of the question and put it on top of the rocket. A barrier will appear around the rocket and shield it from all damage.

Level 160: To find the fly, tap and drag the dog’s eyes and you’ll find that it actually had glasses on. Put the glasses on the girl to make the fly appear. Tap on the fly in order to get rid of it.

Level 161: Instead of picking up just one of them, grab the boy and his dog with your finger, and pick up all of the dollar bills.

Level 162: To catch all of the birds, ignore all of the other tools. Instead, tap the boy’s pocket and a phone will come out. Give the boy the phone after that.

Level 163: To charge the phone in order to pass the level, literally plug your phone into a charger. If you have a phone that has wireless charging capabilities, then sticking it on the wireless charging pad will also work.

Level 164: The two numbers that equal out to 8 are 0 and 0. It never says anywhere that you can’t tap the same number twice. Put two 0’s on top of each other to make an 8.

Level 165: To stop the dog from eating the sausage, just give the sausage to the boy who is walking the dog and he will eat it himself.

Level 166: To knock down all of the bowling pins, use two fingers to zoom out on the bowling ball, then aim it right down the middle of the pins.

Level 167: To find the ping pong ball, look at the level counter. The period in between “Lv.” And “167” is the ball that you’re looking for.

Level 168: There are 14 total triangles overall in the shape given as part of the question.

Level 169: To enforce the no smoking rule, tap on the man’s pocket to take his pack out. Then tap on the end of the cigarette until you put it out.

Level 170: If the monkey is on the tree, it can’t pick any pineapples in ten minutes, so tap zero. Pineapples don’t grow on trees.

Level 171: To bathe the cat, first put the cat in the tub. When the boy moves, move the chair out of the way to find a fish underneath. Put the fish in the cat’s mouth, then put the soap in the tub.

Level 172: To find the exit, ignore everything else and simply tap the word “exit” in the title.

Level 173: To squeeze the milk, put the bucket under the brown cow numerous times. The calf will get angrier and angrier. Eventually the mother cow will show up, so just put the bucket under her udder when she does.

Level 174: To fill the bucket, put the bucket inside of the glass tank, then put the glass tank under the water faucet.

Level 175: To make 500, fill in 444+44+4+4+4. But since it says the same number, just type 4.

Level 176: there are two vertical layers to the cake. Therefore, it only takes three cuts to cut the cake into eight pieces.

Level 177: To clear out the monster, zoom in on the blue slime and it will eat the other two monsters.

Level 178: To disappear the cards, tap and hold on one random card, then swipe around to get rid of all of the cars on the screen.

Level 179: To make five in a row, tap five squares in a row really quickly before the AI has a chance to counter view with a move.

Level 180: to help the chick out of the cage, move the chick to the gap in between the two bars on the door. This gap is wide enough for the chick to just walk out.

Level 181: To get the toy, open the door on the bottom right part of the claw machine, then tap the pink knob to adjust the grip. Then put a coin into the slot, use the arrows to move the claw over the toy, then press the yellow button to grab the toy.

Level 182: Simply tap the Shoot button over and over until you shoot two goals. Tap the button a third time, then when the yellow button pops up, tap it as fast as you can until the red bar is full. Once the red bar fills up, tap the soccer ball.

Level 183. Simply tap the larger number five times. The numbers are the same every time you play, so you can memorize which ones are larger.

Level 184: Move the water jug over to the glass, then use two fingers to tilt it to pour water into the glass until the glass is full.


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