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Super Brain>: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Level 1: Which flies the highest? Humans do – humans have flown to the moon.

Level 2: Can you solve the math problem 1+1=? Tap the “2” in the question, as that is also the answer.

Level 3: To spot the odd tomato, move objects around until you find the one with a bite taken out of it.

Level 4: What do you choose from Money, Beauty, or Power? Tap on all three of them at the same time with three fingers at the same time.

Level 5: To help the guy work out, put the barbell in his hands, and then tap him about 15 times to make him squat.

Level 6: To beat the Jigsaw game, start with the corner pieces and then work your way inward. It should look like this when you’re done:

Level 7: Which of the following is inedible? The plate underneath the dumplings/potstickers is inedible, so tap the plate.

Level 8: Choose C if you know the answer. To do that, tap the button that says “C: Select D.”

Level 9: To find the orangutan, tap on the monkey that has no tail.

Level 10: To help the crow drink some water, grab the cloud and put it over the sun in order to make rain, then the crow will drink rain.

Level 11: Which animal is the smallest? Answer this using picture size, not real animal size. The elephant, in that case, is the smallest.

Level 12: Which book is the thickest? Swipe right on the books to tilt them, then tap the book that appears to be the thickest.

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Level 13: To help the ostrich get to sleep, swipe down on its head over and over until it buries its beak in the ground.

Level 14: To spot the difference between the two pictures, tap on the words “Spot the difference” in the first picture.

Level 15: To beat Richard in the simplest way possible, swap the word “me” with the word “Richard” to do the swap.

Level 16: To find 4 foods, swipe to the left to reveal a hot dog off the right side of the screen. Then tap the hot dog and the other three foods. Ignore the poop.

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Level 17: To help the little corgi jump over the hurdle, swipe down on the hurdle, then tap the corgi to jump over it.

Level 18: To smash the golden eggs for a prize, grab a hammer out from behind the bush on the right-hand side and then smash all three of the eggs with it.

Level 19: To put out the fire, put the two clouds together over the house to create a rain storm, which will douse the fire.

Level 20: To find the stars, swipe left on your phone to reveal a star to the right of the boy. Then tap that star.

Level 21: To find the biggest playdough, merge all four of the playdoughs together to make one giant one, then tap it.

Level 22: To give gramps a hand in crossing the road, move the road to the other side of gramps.

Level 23: To turn off the computer, move the monitor out of the way to reveal the computer tower, then tap on the red button on the tower.

Level 24: To tap the green planet, merge the blue and yellow ones together to make a green one, and then tap it.

Level 25: To find the drawing pins, turn on the flashlight by tapping on its switch, then point it at the bottom of the magnet to find the pin.

Level 26: To shut the pig in the pig pen, tap the pig’s food bowl and move it to the pen and the pig will shut itself into the pen.

Level 27: To get rid of all of the animals, move the timer to find a second rabbit so that you can match it, then match all of the other ones.

Level 28: Where is Canada? Tap the word “Canada” in the question to find it.

Level 29: The bike’s rear wheel spins 20 times; how many times does the front wheel spin? None, the bike is rear wheel drive.

Level 30: To win at the game of whack-a-mole, put your fingers over the empty holes and use a third finger to drag a hammer to the hole with the mole in it.

Level 31: To light the candle, move the binoculars to find the magnifying glass, then put it over the match to light it, then light the candle with the match.

Level 32: To make her legs seem long and slender for the photo, tap and drag down on her feet to extend her legs.

Level 33: To wake him up, put your finger over his nose for about five seconds to stop his breathing causing him to wake up.

Level 34: What is your current temperature? Put your finger on the base of the thermometer and then type in how high the thermometer got with your finger.

Level 35: How many eggs can an adult eat on an empty stomach? One, because then it’s no longer empty.

Level 36: How can we make the right side stronger? Simply drag the cannon over the bow, or vice versa, to swap them around.

Level 37: To split the watermelon into 10 pieces, stick all of the knives into it without them touching each other at all.

Level 38: Tap the buttons in the given sequence using the word on the button, not the actual color of the button. And be sure to tap fast.

Level 39: If you raced 3 friends and you overtook the 3rd place friend, which place would you be in? Tap “3rd” in the question.

Level 40: To stop him from sending too much money, use your finger to wipe the makeup off of the streamer’s face.

Level 41: Who can stop the child crying? Gently shake the phone to simulate rocking or bouncing to make the baby smile.

Level 42: Jump over all of the big bad wolves for 20 seconds. As time goes on, they move faster, which means you have to jump faster, but you also have a larger margin of error when you jump.

Level 43: Which tennis ball bounces highest? Move the rackets out of the way and tap on the one that bounces off the ground higher.

Level 44: To help the child reach the apple, shake the phone to knock all of the apples off of the tree.

Level 45: The dog wants a nap, so to lend him a hand, feed him the sun, and he’ll take a big bite and turn it into the moon. The pull the curtains closed.

Level 46: To balance the scales, simply take everything off of the scales.

Level 47: To make the biggest number out of moving one match, look at the bottom right of the number 3, and realize there are two matches. Drag one of them up and to the left to make 966.

Level 48: To roll a six to continue, shake your phone to reroll the dice until you get a 6.

Level 49: To look at the picture and guess the number, hold your phone farther away and you’ll be able to see it better. Look at what the yellow blocks are outlining. The number is 2058.

Level 50: To beat the boxing champ, take off the boy’s glove to reveal a kitchen knife underneath, so he’ll lose by cheating.

Level 51: Again, if you raced three friends and took over third place, what place would you be in? Merge the buttons that say 1 and 2 to make a button that says 3, then tap it.

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