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Brain Hero – Become The King: All Answers and Solutions to All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Stage 1: Ignore the image size, the actual fruit size is what matters here, so the watermelon is the biggest one.

Stage 2: To find the J, look at the right-center portion of the block of i’s and t’s.

Stage 3: How many reindeers are there? Only count the ones with antlers. There are a total of 9 reindeer.

Stage 4: What direction does the finger point to? Left, because that’s the button that it’s actually pointing to.

Stage 5: The computer crashed, so please turn it off. To turn it off, move it out of the way and then flip the switch behind it off.

Stage 6: To find the largest fire, combine all of the fires together into one giant one and then tap the giant one.

Stage 7: Move the sleigh out of the way to find the number underneath it. The number is 9.

Stage 8: To lift it up, lift the barbell with two fingers on the ends with the plates, then put it into the dotted line.

Stage 9: To find the darkest color on the screen, tap on the question, which is in a black font.

Stage 10:To help the duck drink water, simply drag it over to the pond.

Stage 11: To find something that you can eat, put the red rock and the transparent object together to make it a steak..

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Stage 12: To make something to eat, pull the cloud out of the painting, then take the face off the sun and put it on the cloud to make a fried egg.

Stage 13: Which color is the brightest? White is the brightest of the given colors.

Stage 14: How many words in Oxford Dictionary? There are only two words – “Oxford Dictionary”

Stage 15: Click on the icons in order – click on Apple, Book, Cat (ABC).

Stage 16: To find the different snowman, move all of them out of the way until you find the melted one hidden behind one of them. Then tap the melted one.

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Level 17: What direction does the flashlight point to? All wrong – the flashlight is turned off, so the light isn’t pointing anywhere.

Level 18: To get fish, drag the fish down to the cat with your finger.

Level 19: Which cup is the biggest? Tap the girl who has the largest chest size, or “cup” size.

Level 20: To find the treasure map, break the egg open with a rock, and then you’ll find the treasure map inside of the egg.

Level 21: Where is Asia? It’s in the question itself, so tap on the word “Asia” in the question.

Level 22: To wake up the owl, drag the sun down off of the bottom of the screen to turn the sky into night, which will cause the owl to awaken.

Level 23: To eat the fish, jump twice, then step back twice, then jump twice again to land on the fish perfectly.

Level 24: To find 8 animals, tap on Santa too, as humans are animals, then tap the clouds to make rain, causing the worm appear. And of course, tap the six obvious animals, too.

Level 25: To make sure every plate holds a bread, put one of the two loaves of bread onto an empty plate, then put the “Bread” word from the question onto another plate.

Level 26: To help the baby fall asleep, gently shake your phone to simulate rocking the baby to sleep.

Level 27: Simply pop all of the balloons with the dart. No tricks here – this question is meant to relax you.

Level 28: How many black spots are in this picture? There are zero. It is an optical illusion.

Level 29: Fold a 0.01cm thick paper four times, and how thick will it end up? Still 0.01cm.

Level 30: How do you get the deer to eat the grass? Drag the grass over to the deer.

Level 31: To move the sleigh to the stop sign on the left, move it off of the right side of the screen and it will reappear on the left side of the screen. Then drag it the rest of the way.

Level 32: To finish the puzzle, build the four pieces in the shape of a heart.

Level 33: to make 71+1=1 work, drag the equation partially offscreen until the 71 is gone, so 1=1 is the equation.

Level 34: Who is the tallest one? The sun is taller than any of the animals, so tap on the sun in the top left corner of the screen.

Level 35: To open the door to apartment 704 (pay attention to the number for later), simply knock on it over and over until the owner lets you in.

Level 36: To let the balloon go up safely, use your finger to block all of the darts, then let them go and they will overlap each other. Move the balloon through the blank space between the darts.

Level 37: How many triangles are in the pentagram/pyramid? There are a total of 11 of them in there.

Level 38: To press the button 100 times, simply press the button 100 times – no tricks in this one.

Level 39: How many candles are below? Move them around to find all of the hidden candles first. There are a total of 10 once you do that.

Level 40: To choose two of the same snowmen, tap one of them twice – it doesn’t matter which one.

Level 41: To jump to 200m, swipe down on the height meter to make 200m come very close. Then hold and charge the jump and let go when it’s charged.

Level 42: To help Grandma cross the street, move the street to the other side of Grandma.

Level 43: To win the game, tap two squares at the same time to place two circles, and make sure those circles are in a line so that you can win Tic Tac Toe.

Level 44: To hide the cat, simply drag the cat off of the screen until you see the MEOW bubble appear.

Level 45: To find the heart shape, put the two swans together beak to beak to shape them like a heart.

Level 46: To drag the photo into the frame, drag the word “photo” out of the question into the frame.

Level 47: Guinness world record is 200 times, please break it – break the Guinness medallion to pass by tapping it multiple times.

Level 48: Which of the following is uneatable/inedible? The plate undernearth the small cuts of meat can’t be eaten, so tap the plate.

Level 49: How many holes in the pants? There are 7 – the three in front plus the leg holes, waist hole, and fly.

Level 50: ZOZO overslept, so to wake her up, tap on the door and her mom will come into the room to wake her.

Stay tuned for the rest of the answers to Brain Hero – Become The King!


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