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Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky?: All 175+ Answers and Solutions To All Levels and Questions

Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky, also known as Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky Puzzles, is a new trick question game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to come up with the answers for tons of difficult questions that require you to think outside the box.

You will find everything here from math problems to physics puzzles, two questions that require you to shake, drop, and flip your phone, along with even more strange puzzles that will trick you and troll you.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky, also known as Kidding Me – Ready For Tricky Puzzles!

Level 1: To find the biggest fruit, tap on the watermelon since it’s the biggest in real life.

Level 2: To pop the red balloons from left to right, keep popping from left to right but watch out for new red balloons. When new red balloons pop up, pop them, and when multiple red balloons pop up, pop them from left to right again. Always pop the balloon closest to the left first.

Level 3: which one is the tallest? Ignore the background picture; they are the same height.

Level 4: which of the two are carnivores? Tap the lion, then move the picture of the duck out of the way to reveal a lion. Tap the lion.

Level 5: which color is the most prominent? Tap the word white (the color of the button is blue but the word says white).

Level 6: To make a semi circle, drag the circle halfway off the screen to turn it into a semi circle.

Level 7: to cut the fruit from large to small, cut the watermelon, pear, apple, and then the banana. Avoid the potato; potatoes are not fruit.

Level 8: What time is it in two hours? Still 7 o’clock; that clock is merely a picture of a clock, so the hands don’t move.

Level 9: What is your body temperature? Put your finger on the base of the thermometer for five seconds to find out.

Level 10: what marks do you give this game? Tap the checkbox next to the word “best“.

Level 11: To click on the arrows in the right order, screen cap the question to make it easy to remember and refer back to it when the question disappears after you tap the first arrow. When you get to the sixth arrow, wait a couple seconds for it to change direction.

Level 12: which one is different? Tap the one that spirals in a different direction than the others.

Level 13: There are a total of four holes in the clothes. The ones that look like holes on the front are just stains.

Level 14: What color is missing from the rainbow? Put the blue and yellow together to make green.

Level 15: To turn on the lamp, put your fingers on the two end of the broken green wire. Ignore the blue wire.

Level 16: To clean the mirror, simply wipe it with your finger a few times and the smudge will go away.

Level 17: To rescue the bird, turn the phone upside down to make a key fall out of the cup, then put the key in the lock.

Level 18: To whack the mole, put the dirt holes together until you have just one hole, then tap the mole to whack it.

Level 19: Zoom out on the elephant to shrink it so that you can fit it in the refrigerator, then stick it inside the fridge.

Level 20: To help him check tickets, use two fingers to split the ticket apart along the dotted line.

Level 21: To wake him up, put your finger over his nose for shot five seconds and he will wake up angry.

Level 22: to find a yellow dog, swipe down and left on the blank part of the screen to make the dog appear. Then tap it.

Level 23: what is the answer to 7=?. The clue is in the question. 1=7, therefore 7=1.

Level 24: How do you get the same amount of wine in your glass? Turn the phone upside down to dump the wine out of all six of the glasses, making it the same.

Level 25: To make the maximum number combination, put the two zeroes into the box to make it into an infinity symbol, then hit submit.

Level 26: To hide the apple, tap it and then drag it all of the way off of the screen.

Level 27: To help the monkey get the banana, tap the banana in the tree and drag it over to the monkey.

Level 28: Mom and girlfriend fell into the water, who would you save first? Tap both of them at the same time with two fingers.

Level 29: To open the tablet, put your finger on the front button for about five seconds to open it using simulated Touch ID.

Level 30: Tap the mosquito ten times but ignore the counter, because it counts one of the numbers twice. Then tap pass.

Level 31: Tom’s dog is gone, so to find it, turn your phone upside down and tap the picture. Right side up it looks like a cat, but upside down it looks like a dog.

Level 32: which number is the smallest? The smallest font size belongs to the number 558, so tap that one.

Level 33: Which building has shoddy construction? Shake the phone and then tap on the building that breaks.

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Level 34: What is the darkest color on the screen? Tap on the question, since it uses a black font.

Level 35: How many rabbits are there? Drag rabbits around to find hidden rabbits, then drag the “clean” button out of the way to find hidden rabbits behind it, then move them around to find even more hidden rabbits. There are 13 total rabbits.

Level 36: What does a frog and a mosquito equal? Drag the frog to find a hidden frog behind it, then put the second frog after the equals sign to make frog + mosquito = frog.

Level 37: To help Jack win a doll, shake the phone to make the moles dizzy, then grab one of the dizzy moles using the crane game.

Level 38: To make the biggest numbers by moving one matchstick in 508, move it out of the 8 and into the 5 to make 909.

Level 39: The banana is worth 7 each and the grape bunch is worth 17, so one grape bunch and one banana is worth 24.

Level 40: To count all of the frogs, zoom in on the water to see more frogs standing on one of the lily pads. There are a total of 18 frogs.

Level 41: To help the motorcyclist win the race, hold your fingers on the other two drivers to hold them back, and hold down on the forward button with a third finger.

Level 42: To pour out the crisps, tap and hold the cash with your finger and turn the phone to the right so that the bag turns upside down.

Level 43: To click pass, look for the light gray word “pass” in the lower right area of the screen and then tap it.

Level 44: To get the pig an apple, shake the phone to knock one off of the tree.

Level 45: To find the bat, drag the cloud and put it over the sun to make the light go away so the bat comes out.

Level 46: The monkey wants to eat bananas again, so drag the question under the monkey so that the monkey can stand on it. Then move the question up to banana level and use the arrows to walk to the banana.

Level 47: How to save the mom and girlfriend again? The guy is just dreaming so shake the phone to wake him up.

Level 48: How many squares are there? Drag them apart to find the real number. There are only 3.

Level 49: Park your car by using your finger to move the motorcycle, then using the arrows to drive your car into the top empty parking spot.

Level 50: To make the equation true and find three numbers that equal 30, use any combination of 13, 12, and 5.

Level 51: To find something that you can eat, put the yellow circle on top of the cloud to make a fried egg.

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Level 52: Where are the stars? Shake the phone to make the stars appear over his head, then tap on them.

Level 53: To correct the directions of the arrows, turn the phones to make it so that up points up and down points down.

Level 54: There is no path through the maze, so go around the maze to the arrow on the other side.

Level 55: which of the following works one day per year? Tap on Santa Claus, he only works on Christmas!

Level 56: Which one cannot be eaten? The plate under the chicken is the only thing that you can’t eat.

Level 57: To find the gluttonous bear, drag the honeycomb over each of the traps, then when you see the eyes, tap them with a different finger.

Level 58: To count the hairs, drag his hair off his head to take off most of them, then count the ones that are left.

Level 59: To turn on all of the lights, drag the left one off of the screen, then tap buttons until the other two turn on.

Level 60: To put all of the shapes into the corresponding positions, zoom out on the square to shrink it first, then out every shape where they fit.

Level 61: To melt the ice, rub your fingers against it To melt it with friction.

Level 62: To tap on the larger graphic, try to drag the two middle square-ish stones together using two fingers.

Level 63: To peel off both of the stones at the same time, hold your phone upside down for a few seconds.

Level 64: To find the yellow dog again, zoom out on the screen to make it appear, then tap on it.

Level 65: Put the money in the piggy bank, then tap it over and over to break it, then count all of the coins that were inside. There are 12 total coins.

Level 66: To help mow the grass, zoom out on the lawnmower with two fingers to make it bigger, and then aim up the middle of the lawn.

Level 67: To cover the sun for the beautiful woman, put your phone face-down to make it go away.

Level 68: To make them a couple, tap the flamingos over and over again.

Level 69: The black spot is toward the upper left corner, but is actually a gray spot. Use this picture:

Level 70: there are no slashes in this picture. It is an optical illusion.

Level 71: To find the little ox, look for the one with the different nose, like this:

Level 72: To help Jack win again, shake the phone to make the mole dizzy, then catch the mole and hold it with your finger the whole way until it comes out of the machine.

Level 73: to tap the box on the right, swipe left on the question to make the box on the right appear from off the screen, then tap it.

Level 74: How many black dots are there? There is only one; the period in the question.

Level 75: to help the monkey get the banana again, zoom in on the monkey to make it huge, then use the arrows and the jump button to get the banana.

Level 76: What can the strongman not lift? Himself, so tap the strongman.

Level 77: to make the equation true, take the 18 out of the question and use 17, five, and eight in any combination to make 30.

Level 78: To make the matchsticks give you the lowest number, move two pieces and turn 658 into 038 or 38.

Level 79: To find everything in the picture, tap around randomly or use the following picture as a guide:

Level 80:The little monkey can pick one strawberry per minute, how many can it pick on the tree? The answer is zero.

Level 81: Which one would you pick? Grab a one dollar bill, swipe over all of the other ones, then gives a whole stack of money to the guy.

Level 82: to find the entrance, Click the word entrance in the question.

Level 83: how many triangles are there? There are 12, counting the increase and decrease buttons, which are triangle shaped.

Level 84: To find the fly, take the glasses off the dog and put them on the table, and the fly will appear on the table. Then tap the fly.

Level 85: Blow out two matches, how many are there now? There are two; the other six burnt until there was nothing left.

Level 86: to charge the phone, plug your own phone into a charger. Or if you have wireless charging, put your phone on a wireless charging pad.

Level 87: To smash the mosquito, hold your finger down on the lightbulb in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the mosquito flies over to it, use another finger to smash it.

Level 88: To make the coffee, scroll to the right with two fingers at a time, then plug in the coffee machine. Then add the mug to the machine, then put the coffee and milk in the cup.

Level 89: To let the little yellow dog win, grab the dog out of the yellow car and put him in the sports car. Then start the race.

Level 90: To make the noodles, put the noodles and the water in the bowl and then put your finger over the bowl to heat it.

Level 91: To fill the bucket with water,
put the bucket inside of the big glass container and stick it under the faucet.

Level 92: To help Allen escape from the back room, swipe left on the light again and again until it’s completely off and then the cop will stop showing up. Then just dig over and over.

Level 93: To make cards disappear, flip one card and then rub it with your finger for about ten seconds to make it go away, then tap all of the other cards and they will disappear too.

Level 94: To hit the gopher again, tap on each of the empty holes multiple times to cave them in, then tap on the gopher once its hole is the only one left.

Level 95: How many knives do you need to cut a watermelon into eight pieces? You need three knives – each cuts it in half once.

Level 96: To light up the candle, strike the match against the top left corner of the screen and then use it to light up the candle.

Level 97: What is the sum of the largest numbers below? The largest numbers on the keypad are 7, 8, and 9, so the sum is 24.

Level 98: To launch the rocket, drag the three into the countdown timer and then hit the launch button to do the full countdown.

Level 99: To make a new color, put your finger over the beaker and then shake your phone.

Level 100: To catch the six falling apples, catch ONLY the falling apples and not the rising ones.

Level 101: Two dogs, two pigs, and two frogs are worth 28, so one of each is worth 14.

Level 102: To find a big truck, zoom out on the picture and the big truck will appear with the picture on the trailer. Then tap the truck.

Level 103: Which champagne is different? Shake the phone to blow them all and tap the different colored one.

Level 104: Piggy is so boring. Long press the pig and a copy button will appear. Hit copy to make a second pig so that the first one won’t be bored.

Level 105: To steal meat from the dinosaur, put one finger over its eyes and use another finger to steal the meat.

Level 106: To guess what the witch’s password is, think of Halloween, which is when the witches come out. The witch is leaving meaning that Halloween is over. So the password is 1101.

Level 107: How can the combination 888 be the smallest number? Drag up the first underscore to turn it into a minus sign to make -888.

Level 108: To celebrate with a bottle of champagne, shake the phone to make bubbles in the bottle, then tap the cap to pop the bottle open.

Level 109: To click on the food that you can eat, tap and hold the three edible items on the screen (not the rock) with three fingers at the same time.

Level 110: To take hair off of the table, rub the protractor against the guy’s hair to make static electricity, then rub the protractor over the hair on the table to make it stick to the protractor.

Level 111: To do a simple math problem, or 100+11, ignore all of the other answers and tap the number “111” in the level number.

Level 112: To open the password, calculate the value of each number in the alphabet. BAD IDEA is 2149451. Put that code in and you’re good.

Level 113: Help the robot collect two batteries by remembering the arrow colors. Down is yellow, cyan is right, blue is left, and red is up.

Level 114: To cross the bridge, tap the truck to stop it, then tap the door to get the driver out. Then tap on the driver and he will cross on his own.

Level 115: To beat the AI in rock paper scissors, pick an answer, then move your side’s arm to the AI’s side to swap the two around. Then hit submit to beat the AI, since the first one out always loses.

Level 116: It takes 6 minutes to bake one loaf, so how long to bake three loaves? Also six minutes since you can bake them at the same time.

Level 117: How can I get an apple? Tap the pulley over and over to slowly lover the apple down to the character. Don’t cut the cable.

Level 118: To get rid of the mosquito again, simply tap it as many times as you can over and over until you get it. Tap it rapidly. It will tire out from running away.

Level 119: To fill the progress bar, tilt the phone to the right and the bar will go past the 50% mark until it reaches the full mark.

Level 120: To pack everything for the picnic, you have to make sure that everything all fits into the bag without touching each other. Use the following picture:

Level 121: To complete Test You, for each equation, pretend x+y, then write x+y and x-y and put the answers next to each other, right one first. 9+6 is 15 and 9-6=3, so 315 is the answer there. So what’s 9+1 and 9-1? 810.

Level 122: To hit the mouse, drag the sun off of the bottom left corner of the screen. Then when the screen gets dark, the mouse will appear. Drag the sword over to it to hit it.

Level 123: To click on the following fruits big to small, click the apple first, then when the fruits disappear, click all of the dots except the center one in the order of big to small. The middle dot represents the potato.

Level 124: To find out who the werewolves are, long-press the clock to make time roll forward until the full moon appears. Then tap on the werewolf that appears.

Level 125: To help the boy darken the sky, put your finger over his eyes for about five seconds in a row, since that’s how little kids darken the sky.

Level 126: To score a goal, tap the feet of the kicker to throw a shoe at the keeper, then kick the ball in the other direction from the shoe.

Level 127: To help the crow get water, tap the rock until it breaks into smaller pieces. Then put the smaller rocks into the jug of water to make it overflow.

Level 128: To get the bird back into the nest, tap left, right, left, then use your finger to drag the bird back to the nest.

Level 129: To get the picture of the very tall giraffe, scroll the entire screen to the left with your finger, then when the giraffe is in the picture, hit the button to take a picture.

Level 130: Where is the Vatican? The Vatican is in the question, so tap the word “Vatican”.

Level 131: To complete the puzzle, move the sun and the cloud to reveal the bottom right corner piece, then look for a hidden piece in the bottom left corner that’s showing a sliver of space. Then move all of the pieces into place.

Level 132: To rescue the fish in 10 seconds, keep the water from the pool from leaking. To do that, tap the clouds rapidly to fill the pool with rain.

Level 133: To make the truck win, drag the finish line to the middle of the road so that the truck crosses it first.

Level 134: To open the safe, drag the key from the top of the screen to the keyhole in the wheel of the safe.

Level 135: To get the bunny into the elevator, move stuff until you find the carrot, then put the carrot into the elevator and the bunny will follow it.

Level 136: Enter the numbers you see in the outline in the picture. The numbers are 2587.

Level 137: Who looks the most beautiful below? Drag the mirror up to all three of the girls, then tap on the blonde girl.

Level 138: Where is the prince? Wait for the lips to pop up in the princess’s thought bubble, then drag them over to the frog to turn him into a prince.

Level 139: Please let the sky rain and alleviate the drought of the land. To do this, use two fingers to squeeze the clouds together, then tap them to make it rain on the flowers.

Level 140: To rescue the Kiwi, use one finger to hold the stone and then use another finger to move the kiwi out of the way.

Level 141: To help the yellow dog win, swipe left on the pig over and over and keep doing that until the dog crosses the finish line.

Level 142: The picture is out. Where is it? Shake your phone vigorously and the polaroid will slowly appear. Then tap it and you’ll beat the level.

Level 143: To connect the line and turn on the light within 20 seconds, simply connect the beginning of the pipe to the end of the pipe and connect all of the pipes together by tapping to rotate them.

Level 144: Which of the wishes do you want to achieve? Tap all three of them at the same time to beat the level.

Level 145: To open the code book, enter the code 2578 into the prompt.

Level 146: It’s too cold, so to add clothes, tap the scissors in the man’s pocket. Then put them on the sheep. Put the wool into the jacket, then put the jacket onto the man.

Level 147: To find the 8 mocking faces, click on the 7 mocking faces, then click on the one in the game over screen.

Level 148: To let the equation 5+6-9=9 hold, drag it off of the left side of the screen until it says 9=9.

Level 149: To light up the bulb, tap on the red gate, then tap on the battery on the right or the battery on the left to complete the circuit.

Level 150: To figure out which of the kittens is real, rub their heads with your fingers. The one that enjoys it is real.

Level 151: To pass this level in 10 seconds, shoot the countdown timer in order to break it and get unlimited time to knock out the rest of the enemies.

Level 152: How many digits are 9 between 1 and 100? That’s 20 digits total.

Level 153: Which of the following people has the darkest skin? Tap the light switch to turn off the light, then tap the glowing smile.

Level 154: Which one is unhappy below? Take the hats/bandanas/etc off of all of them, then tap the one that cries.

Level 155: To click on the fourth lighted bulb, click on the fifth bulb as soon as it lights up, as this is the fourth one that lights up.

Level 156: To find out what kind of material goes in the blank box below, do a sudoku game. Do it like this:

Level 157: The highest record holder click the button 500 times so please break the record. To do that, ignore the button and tap on the record itself until it breaks.

Level 158: To destroy the monster, long press it until the delete button appears, then tap the delete button and the monster will go away.

Level 159: To hit the bullseye, zoom in on the target to increase its size, then came the arrow at the middle.

Level 160: To give cake to your buddies, swipe the cake twice in an X pattern to make it four pieces, then put the four pieces on the plates.

Level 161: To find the difference, tap on either the number one or the number two in the top left corner of the pictures.

Level 162: To tap blue and then green seven times, top blue seven times, then merge blue and yellow together to make green, then tap the green block seven times.

Level 163: How many bottles of Coke can you buy with eight coins? Four caps is worth a Coke and two bottles is worth a Coke. You get four with the coins, two with the caps and four with the bottles, totaling seven. Then you get four more with the non-coin bottles and caps, totaling 11.

Level 164: Which flower is different below? Wait for about 10 seconds for a beer to show up on the screen and land on a flower, then tap that flower.

Level 165: Which of the following is really a mosquito? Hold your finger on the mosquitoes until one of them sucks your blood gets fat.

Level 166: To find the X, tap on the ask in the question.

Level 167: To light up the fourth bulb, hit start as soon as the second bulb goes out.

Level 168: To rescue the animals, put the ringmaster, the ball, and the flaming hoop in the circus tent, and leave the animals out.

Level 169: Oops, someone here! Use two fingers to drag the screen to the left to find another fitting room with nobody in it.

Level 170: To move the plane 100 m, zoom out on the cockpit to show the actual plane. Then drag the plane up to the 100 m mark on the measuring point.

Level 171: To split the durian, move it out of your way, put the wood up, and the martial arts guy will chop it. A knife will appear hidden in one of the blocks. Pull the knife out and put it in the martial artists hand. Then put the Dorian up and he will chop it.

Level 172: To get a perfect steak, turn on the burner until the bar goes green, then turn it off. Tap the panhandle to flip the steak, then cook it until the bar turns green again.

Level 173: To save him, drop a ladder on the right side of the ship where it’s rolled up. He will climb the ladder and get away from the shark.

Level 174: to find the dog in the middle of the flock of sheep, look for the dog whose snout is turn to the left. It’s gray. Use the following picture as your guide:

Level 175: Stay tuned for updates! More levels are under development. As they add more questions to Kidding Me: Ready For Tricky, we’ll add more answers!


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I can't complete Kidding Me level 169, Could you update the walkthrough.

Ander Valdivielso

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I can't complete Kidding Me level 154, Could you update the walkthrough?

Ander Valdivielso

Monday 23rd of March 2020

I can't complete level Kidding Me level 169, Could you update the walkthrough?