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Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get Free Unlimited Love (Hearts)

Adorable Home is the new passive home maintenance game for the iOS and Android platforms where you take care of cats, earn love (hearts), and beautify and customize your house with new furniture, plants, appliances, and electronics. You can hang out with your partner, capture various moments, and customize to your heart’s desire.

Love, or hearts, is the main currency of the game, and seems to be few and far between, but you can earn far more love than you might think you can. You can earn so many hearts that you won’t be sure what to do with them.

Read on for a guide on how to load up on a massive amount of hearts in Adorable Home!

When you log into the game you’ll be prompted to collect a number of hearts. First among them is hearts from the TV. Make sure to watch the ad video that’s offered so that you can collect 100 love in one shot, as opposed to just 20.

You’ll also be able to collect hearts from the weather report once per day simply by going to the menu button and tapping hearts. The number of hearts that you get from checking the weather depends but is usually between 40 and 80.

The main way to get more hearts, of course, is to have more cats. You can get new cats for 600 love apiece by getting the Cat Gift Boxes. There are 12 total Cat Gift Boxes in the store, and each one earns you a new random cat.

With each cat you can bathe them, pet them, or clip their nails every few hours. The time limit depends on the cat. Each of these three actions earns you 80 love without the video bonus or 160 love with the video bonus, so cats are the love/hearts gift that keeps on giving, forever.

Spend 600 love on a cat, then do all three of the cat games (shower, pet, and clip the nails), then watch all of the ad bonuses for each one of the cats for 160 each. 160 x 3 = 480, so you can spend 600 and earn 480 immediately right off the bat.

Have the garden, then place objects out in your garden to get animal visitors to show up. Once they do show up, often hearts will appear above their head, so tap on them and interact with them to get love from them.

Occasionally, mini-games will appear out in the garden, too, and you’ll be able to earn love from them even though they won’t count as animal visitors. One example of this is the firefly game.

When you go outside into the garden at night and fireflies appear, you can tap each one of them for a shot at earning some love. Tap and get lucky and you’ll get hearts, but if you’re unlucky, an ad will pop up.

Be sure to make your partner a bento box before they go to work. You have to give them a main course, a side dish, and dessert before they go to work. When they come home from work, you will receive love from them.

How much love you receive depends on what you give them, as well as how you combine then. The combination will be worth more love if the food is more expensive and if the various dishes go together. The better they match and the pricier the food, the more love they will give you, generally.

Your cats also need to be fed, and for each new cat you get, they will get a new food bowl. The more expensive the food, the shorter the time that the cooldown timer will take to count down.

When the countdown is done, you will be able to collect hearts from the food bowl. Each food is worth a similar amount of love collected after the cooldown timer – the cooldown time is the main difference between cheaper and more expensive foods.

One other way to earn love is to go to the store and “read the news”, or watch ad videos for 50 love each. You can do this ten times per day, for a total of 500 extra love per day.

To watch the ad videos, of course, you are going to need to have a good, working internet connection, because ad videos don’t load without one. The recommendation if you have video trouble is to get on a strong wifi network or get to an area where you have a very strong cellular signal.

There is now an offer a wall that has been added to the store in the game. Go here and you’ll see lots of offers ranging from free to paid. Paid ones can be worth massive amounts of love, even up to 30,000+ at a time. Free ones are worth less, but still worth a significant amount.

However, the main method of earning a ton of love is still owning more cats. Each cat action is worth 160 with a video ad bonus when you complete the mini game, so each cat is worth 480 love.

You can have up to 12 cats, and when you do, you can collect 5740 love per four hours total, just by watching an ad video each time you complete an action with the cat. The cooldown timer is 2 hours per Stroke Cat, 4 hours per nail clipping, and 6 hours per shower, adding up to 5740 every four hours averaged out.

The developers have been hinting that at some point soon, they’re going to add dogs to the game. Keep on the lookout for whenever the next update shows up. When the dog one shows up, purchase all the dogs and they will be able to give you love, as they will likely contain their own mini games.

Many mobile games rely on the phone clock to count time, so it’s fairly easy to cheat them by using the time lapse hack, where you set your phone time forward in order to automatically finish the count down timers.

However, this game counts down the time by itself, without relying on the phone clock. We’re four, it’s not possible to do the time lapse cheat in this game. If you set the time ahead, then go back to the game, the cooldown timers will simply continue doing their own thing.

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