Adorable Home (iOS/Android): How To Get Dogs! (Updated)

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Adorable Home is the Neko Atsume-ish casual house game where you couple up, collect cats, and earn hearts (love) that you can use to buy furniture and garden decorations (and more cats, of course). But what about dogs?

One of the most popular inquiries for Adorable Home is how to get dogs. This is made even worse by the fact that HyperBeard Games, the developer of AH and many other games (such as the KleptoCats series), has been teasing their followers on social media for weeks at a time.

If you go onto HyperBeard’s Twitter account, you’ll see a nearly endless amount of pictures of dogs in Adorable Home, and even of cats and dogs together in one picture. Some of them look like concept art, while other ones look like they came from actual gameplay.

HyperBeard has been even more direct about this on social media as well, directly referencing a future update in which dogs will show up in the game. They asked their followers on February 17th, for example, if they want to see the next update “this week”.

That tweet has been accompanied by a significant amount of dog pictures before an after it, too, which means HyperBeard is hinting at that update HEAVILY.

So in order to get dogs, wait for the next update to come, and set your phone to notify you when Adorable Home has an update released. Either that, or set updates on your phone to download automatically.

Once you do that, a new menu option should show up inside of the shop, allowing you to buy dog boxes as well as cat boxes. Hit the dog boxes and purchase one, then purchase another, then another, and load up on dogs. Either that, or the Cat Boxes section will simply change to Pet Boxes.

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Likely you will be able to play with your dogs and feed them in order to get some free hearts/love. Cat care is more geared toward grooming them in some way or another; dog care should be geared more toward a blend of cleaning and play.

Additionally, you should be able to feed them in order to earn more love, just like you can with cats. When you feed animals, you earn a mostly set amount of love, but the cooldown timer is shorter when the food is more expensive.


To get access to the dogs earlier than anyone, the quickest way to do that is to become a beta tester for Adorable Home. There are a couple of ways that you can do that.

One of them is to become a beta tester. You can download various apps in order to do this. For the Android version, Adorable Home can be beta tested on CHPlay, but with all of the instructions in Vietnamese, it can be tough to figure out how.

We can tell you how to do exactly that, though.

1: Download CHPlay and in the top search box, tap on Adorable Home.

2: Go to the Adorable Home page.

3: Tap on the avatar picture to go to the next menu.

4: Look for the section that says “Tham gia chuong trinh beta” and tap on “Tham gia”.

5: When the pop-up appears, tap on “Tham gia” again.

6: Wait 5-10 minutes for the devs to add you to the beta testing roster.

7: The name of the app page will change into “Adorable Home (beta)”. Download the latest update.

You can also check the details portion of the Adorable Home page on Google Play to see if there is any sort of beta program that they link to right from there.

For iOS, check the Testflight app to see if Adorable Home is included in the program.

Be aware that with a beta app, stability can be an issue, resulting in things such as lost data, crashing apps, and more. But if you want the earliest access to the dogs, then use this info.

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