Adorable Home (iOS/Android): All Cats, Missing Cats, Cat Wants To Be Alone: Cat FAQs

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Adorable Home is the wildly popular new game where you and your partner get to put a home together, own a bunch of cats, and decorate your house as you see fit. Cats, of course, can give you plenty of hearts/love.

But what are all the cats that are in the game and how do you get them? What do you do if a cat is missing, or if a cat just wants to be alone?

Read on for answers to frequently asked cat questions in Adorable Home!

All Cats Guide and List

Getting all of the cats is easy. All that you have to do is buy all of the cat boxes in the store. Each one of them costs 600 Love.

But what are all of the cats in the game? The ones that come out of the boxes are a complete surprise, generally. These are all of the ones that have been discovered so far within the game:

Snow the Short Hair Cat

Moka the Short Hair Cat

Oliver the Short Hair Cat

Niki the Short Hair Cat

Cookie the Short Hair Cat

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Gabu the Short Hair Cat

Peanut the Short Hair Cat

Molly the Short Hair Cat

Elisabeth the Persian Cat

Tobby the Tabby Cat

Tiger the Tabby Cat

Max the Orange Cat

And more of them are constantly being added to the game. So keep checking back for an updated list of all of the cats that you can get in the game when updates show up.

Missing Cat

Oftentimes a cat can seem to go missing, and be impossible to find. But cats are mischievous little creatures, and they enjoy hiding.

Make sure that you have checked every area of the house in order to find a cat that seems to have gone missing. They might not all be in the lounge.

The cats are both inside and outside cats, so check the garden. If you don’t have the garden, you can purchase it for 3,000 love.

Now that the bedroom is in the game, the cats will become regulars there, too. So check the bedroom if you lose a cat and can’t find it in the garden or lounge. The bedroom costs 4,000 love.

Later on, the bathroom will be added to the game via a future update. So be sure to check the bathroom once it’s added and once you purchase it.

If you still can’t find them, just know that cats love to hide sometimes. Your solution here is to come back to the game later, and you should be able to find the cat then.

How much later? 20-30 minutes later should be sufficient. If you still can’t find them, come back an hour later or so.

Cat Wants To Be Alone

Another dilemma that comes up often is that you can find the cat, you just can’t stroke them, shower them, or clip their nails, because they want to be alone.

Cats sometimes just want to be left alone, just like people do. And just like people, if you come back later, their mood will be a bit different.

So your solution here is to come back later and you’ll find your cat. They’ll be ready to play with you again. 20-30 minutes later should be sufficient.

If they still aren’t ready to be played with, then come back later again and they’ll eventually be ready to play with you again. They won’t stay in a loner mood forever.

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