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The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Reroll Guide: How to Reroll for Higher-Tier Characters

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is the new mobile adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins franchise centered loosely around historical England and starring a huge cast of characters. This iOS and Android MMO features a large amount of both story and gameplay.

You can unlock a huge variety of rare, super rare, and super super rare (SSR) characters throughout the game, but through the trick of rerolling, you have a chance to redo gem summons and do them again, right off the bat!

Read on for a guide on how to reroll and who to reroll for in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross!

Rerolling is easy in this game. The tutorial takes forever, and one way to reroll, of course, is to delete the game, and then reinstall it, and then go through the entire tutorial again, and repeat many times.

However, that’s not necessary anymore. There is a feature built right into the settings that lets you speed-reroll. First of all, you have to go to the menu button if you want to go there.

Next, you have to tap on Player Info. This will take you to a menu that lets you manage your player data. Now, you hit Reset Data, and you will be able to start again from the beginning.

Once you do that, redo the big summons until you get what you want. You can redo them again and again and again, to your heart’s content, until you get any combination of the best characters in the game that you want to.

There are some other options if you want to keep your latest roll and then move it to other devices. Hit the Data Transfer button in order to make a Sync Code, then use another device to enter the same Sync Code and move your data over to it.

You can use the Sync Data button on your new device in order to move all of your data over from your old device, and still keep your data on the old one as well.

So who should you try to reroll for? There are a few that stand out above the rest, and as the game gets older with more characters getting added, the list of top-tier characters will change. But for now, the top tier in the list are:

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Red SSR Arthur: Not only one of the top support units, but also does a ton of damage and is a great tank that can take a ton of damage.

Red SSR Howzer: One of the best AOE (Area of Effect) units in the entire game, which means, of course, one of the best farming units there is.

Green Meliodas: This is the second highest single-target damage unit in the entire game. The only higher one is Green Jericho, but Meliodas can take more hits.

Green Jericho: The highest single target damage unit in the whole game. However, he is far more fragile than Green Meliodas, making him the classic case of a glass cannon.


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