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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle – How to get rare, super rare, SSR and UR Z-Fighters

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is the first official DBZ RPG for the iOS and Android platforms after a long line of counterfeits and ripoffs had invaded the app stores. You can get fighters of all classifications here, but the higher the rarity of a fighter, the more powerful they will be and the longer that they will likely stick around in your active party. Read on to find out how to get rare, super rare, super super rare and ultra rare fighters in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle!

Make use of the summons. The summons are your main method of earning these rare characters. The Dragon Stone summon will earn you nothing but rares and above, with super rares appearing every so often, and if you purchase a multi summon, you will always have a guaranteed SR for at least one of your cards.

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Even the friend point summons can earn you rare fighters occasionally, too. Super rares, though, not so much, although unless you have your entire team filled with SRs already, that doesn’t matter too much. You will usually get at least one rare for your trouble if you do a multi-summon, so keep racking up the friend points until you have enough to do this.

What about the SSR and URs though? SSRs can be had through the Dragon Stone summons, just like the SRs, although they are a hell of a lot harder to come by. URs, or Ultra Rares, are a rank that is in the game, but no characters of that rank have been added yet. Once they are added, expect them to be available through contests or through the missions as rewards. Missions are already a great way to earn SRs and SSRs.

If you want to reroll in the Android version of the game, all that you have to do is delete the data after you roll. Right now, there is no known way to reroll in the iOS version of the game. Eventually, someone will find one – maybe I will find one, and if I do, I’ll post it right here in this article.

Z-Awakening transforms a fighter into the best version of themselves, but you have to have the right awakening metals to pull it off. Unlike standard awakening, Z-Awakening increases a fighter’s rarity by one rank, so theoretically, you could Z-Awaken an SSR who has it available and turn them into an UR. Or you could Z-Awaken an SR into an SSR.

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