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Bleach: Immortal Soul – Reroll Cheat – Guide to Rerolling for High-Tier Characters

Bleach: Immortal Soul is the latest and most popular Bleach RPG for the Android and iOS platforms. You can collect super high-tier characters, build a team of heroes, and do battle against the usual assortment of Bleach baddies.

You can spin for characters early on in the game, summoning to try to get the best SSRs possible, but if you don’t like what you get, then it’s possible to also reroll for something even better.

Read on for a guide on how to reroll for high-tier characters in Bleach: Immortal Soul!

The first step, of course, is to go through the tutorial. When you go through the tutorial, as part of it, you will be able to do a 10x summon.

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After this, you can either reroll, or you can use any bonus currency that you have for more summons before you decide to do the reroll.

Additionally, you can use some of the redeem codes that the developers send out to do even more summons. When you begin a new account, you can use the same redeem codes all over again.

After you do all of your possible summons, the method to reroll is to do one of the following. One, if you haven’t linked your account and you aren’t connected to Game Center, you can delete the app and then download it again, and play it again.

If you’ve linked or are on Game Center, then instead, you can go back to the title screen and switch servers. When you switch servers, you will automatically start a new account, so you can try your codes all over again, too.

If you use the server method, and you decide to go from server to server, rerolling all over again, then be sure to write down your favorite rolls as you go.

The reason for this is that if you keep rerolling and rerolling, then realize that you had a better roll sometime back, then you’ll be able to remember where your favorite roll was, go back to that server, and then use that account from there on out.

When you do the 10x roll, you are guaranteed to earn at least one SSR from that roll. Occasionally, you can earn more if you are very lucky, so that is the main thing that you are going to want to reroll for.

You can reroll as many times as you want in order to try for better and rarer and higher-tier characters right from the beginning of the game. The right roll can give you a giant advantage.


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