Idle Hole: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Idle Hole is Voodoo’s new spinoff of where your goal is to eat everything and earn as much money as possible. Your hole moves automatically, although you can change its lane and move from side to side to eat more buildings.

You can upgrade your hole in six different ways, use NOS to super-power your hole for a limited amount of time, and even prestige to start again from the beginning with big bonuses. And like, you can unlock all sorts of bonus hole skins by completing various actions within the game.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Hole!

At first, there is a limited amount of things that you can eat due to the size of the hole; try to run under anything that’s the same size, and you’ll drag it along with you. Anything bigger, and you’ll simply slide under it. Increase the size of your hole to not only eat more stuff, but to make it easier to eat more small stuff at once.

The hole size is arguably the most important upgrade, but behind that is the gold multiplier. This one is self-explanatory. Upgrade it and your multiplier will increase. Upgrade this often to keep the income flowing in heavily.

The hole gravity upgrade is great for making it easier to eat more objects without actually moving. The more you upgrade this, the more that smaller objects will just fly into you.

NOS is the boost that you activate by tapping the boost button. Increasing the size of your NOS tank will make the boost last longer. Increasing NOS regeneration will help your meter to regenerate faster, so that you can use NOS more frequently.

Offline earnings is the least important upgrade unless you’re going to be offline for really long periods of time. The total time is increased, not the amount of gold per hour; the hourly gold is increased with the size, multiplier, and gravity upgrades.

Once the level-up bar fills, you can claim a new level and a bigger bonus. Without any sort of internet connection, your level won’t finish increasing, but if you do have a connection, it will increase (multiple times if you have played offline for awhile).

Even better is that you can activate a 5x boost by watching an ad video when you level up. This is no small boost; watch it to gain a huge amount of gold so that you can buy more and more upgrades.

You can boost your offline income by 2x when you watch an ad video after being gone. This is only really worth it if you have been offline for a long time; if you’ve only been offline for a few minutes, skip the video.

Once you hit a specific level, you will be able to prestige and start the game over with a multiplier. The first one will become available at level 25, and boost you to 50x gold. The second prestige will be available at level 50.

Collect the stars and gems whenever you see them. Gems are simply worth a lot of points. Stars will give you 2x score for a short amount of time, so you want to collect these as often as possible.

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