Infinite Golf: Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide: How To Get High Scores

Infinite Golf is a new game for the iOS and Android platform where you play golf on an unlimited number of holes, shooting for the best possible scores by aiming your shot and putting just the right amount of power on it. Every hole is a par-3, and a hole-in-one is always what you want to get. You can unlock new skins and fight for high scores with players from all over the world. Read on for some tips and tricks on how to get a high score in Infinite Golf by Voodoo!

The best way to get high scores in this game is to shoot for the hole in one every time. How do you get a hole in one? Easy – aim for the general area of the hole. On most holes, there will be hills on either one side, or either side, so get the hang of the power and angle, and shoot into the general area of the hole, and the ball will roll in. The sweet spot tends to be either all but 2 or all but 3 balls filled, depending on the power needed to pass a specific obstacle.

If you lose and you want to keep going, you can watch an ad video in order to continue, but only if you are on a network connection that allows you to load the video. The video will load automatically after you lose at a level. You get one of these offers per round; after the second time losing, your run is done.

How do you unlock new skins? You can unlock new skins that change the appearance of the game by completing specific tasks in the game. They will either involve earning a specific store, playing a specific amount of games, sinking a specific amount of shots, or completing a specific amount of holes-in-one, either in a single round or cumulatively. With more updates will come more of these new skins.

One of the only in-app purchases that’s available in this game will deal with the problem of how to get rid of ads. If you want to get rid of ads, all you have to do is hit the “NO ADS” button in the main menu to make a two dollar purchase to get rid of all of them. You can also set your phone to airplane mode, but that will negate the second chance that you get in every round.

If you want to know how to get rid of the sound, just go to the options menu, which is the “gear” shaped button. Hit the speaker button to turn the sound off, or hit the shaking-phone button to toggle the haptic feedback on and off. If you have previously purchases no-ads, deleted the game and then downloaded it again, hit the restore purchases button to make the ads go away again.