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Secret Cat Forest: Code List and Guide

Secret Cat Forest is a popular iOS and Android game that allows you to build and furnish a house, and attract as many cats to the house as possible. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery, along with all of the weather that goes with it, while collecting fish and wood.

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There are a number of codes in this game that allow you to get bonuses and modify the game. These allow you to unlock secret cats, more furniture, change the weather, and a whole lot more.

Read on for a list of codes, how to find more of them, and how to use them in Secret Cat Forest!

In order to put these codes in, tap on the cat icon in the top right corner of the screen to bring up a menu. Tap on the settings cog to open the settings, and at the bottom of that menu, there will be a button that says “enter code“. Put in your code and enjoy the effects.

Facebook is the first place that you want to look for codes for the game. Other good sources include Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media sites. Of course, we simply have all of them listed in this article.

As of right now, here are all of the codes that are available in Secret Cat Forest, and what they do:


If you enter this code at any time between 7 PM and 6 AM, it replaces the bird sounds with cricket sounds. Enter the code a second time in order to make the cricket sounds go away and bring back the bird sounds.


Entering this code will cause snow to fall in the game. The snow will continue to fall until you enter the code again, at which point the snow will stop.

rain-1 through rain-24, or rain-0

Entering this code will cause rain to fall for a number of hours equivalent to the number that you put in with the code, with a 24 hour maximum. Entering this code with the 0 will cause the rain to stop falling immediately.

sfx-vol-1 through sfx-vol-5

This will adjust the volume of the sound effects in the game. The higher the number that you put in with the code, the louder the sound effects will be, and the lower that the number is, the client her that the sound effects will be.


This code works only for the Android version of the game, and will place the game into safe mode, which will fix glitches that caused the screen to randomly turn black or flicker. If you enter the code for a second time, it will turn off safe mode. This does not work on iOS.


If you enter this code, you will be able to see the total number of cats and items unlocked out of the maximum, as well as the number of everything else that’s unlocked.



These two codes will allow you to unlock the first anniversary and second anniversary celebration cakes for the game. The cakes will automatically show up in front of your house, in the yard.


This code will allow you to unlock the secret cat “Shy” in most of the languages that this game comes in, including English. You will still have to collect the right furniture before Shy shows up.

In order to get Shy to appear at your house, you have to construct the following pieces of furniture:

1) ICU Cushion, Sleepy Cushion, Fish Bun Cushion, or Golden Cushion

2) Wooden Drawer, Dark Drawer, Steel Drawer, or Mint Jewelry Drawer

3) Basic Light, Romantic Light, Retro Light, or Tea Light

NOTE: you don’t need every single one of these items in order to get Shy to show up, you only need one item minimum from each of the three categories.