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Miners Settlement: Idle RPG – Full Secret Code List and Guide

Miners Settlement: Idle RPG is a new side scrolling retro mobile RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to enter new territory and set up a mining town, investigate and defeat mysterious enemies, and more. The further you get, the more different types of quests and gameplay that you will be able to unlock, also earning gems, gold, and far more, as well as rare equipment.

Even with all those prizes, some of the rarest and most valuable come from the secret codes that you can enter after a certain point in the game. Secret box codes are given out by the developers, and they allow you to win prizes for free.

Read on for a list of the secret codes, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Miners Settlement: Idle RPG!

To redeem these codes, first, get through the tutorial, then once you get far enough, a box for secret codes will open up in the settings menu. Enter a code in the text box, then confirm the code, and you will receive the reward instantly.

One of the best places to look for these codes is on the official social media channels for the game. The developers of this game, in particular, like to give out codes as a promotional tool, either a special event related to the game or to commemorate a holiday. So keep an eye out on the official social media channels.

Don’t just look at one of them, either. Look at all of them, because there is a good chance that codes can pop up on one channel but not on the others. A code on Facebook, for example, might not be shared by the developers on Instagram, Or vice versa.

Check the Subreddit for the game, because it is extremely active, and if a player finds a new code, then the Subreddit is the most likely place that they’re going to post it first. You can use the search bar in they are to sift through posts quickly, so that you only see the ones that have codes. Be sure to add your own codes if you have ones that you don’t see listed here.

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We should also check the official download pages on the App Store and the Google Play Store. Go to the reviews, because there is a chance that somebody put a code into a review. Be sure to also add codes if you post a review for the game.

Look for videos that contain codes, or Livestreams that contain Codes. Twitch, YouTube, Facebook live, and Facebook video on great sources for this. With TikTok getting the popularity that it’s gaining recently, you might even find codes posted there.

Here is a list of the secret codes so far in Miners Settlement: Idle RPG:




Be sure to stay on the lookout for more codes, because as they are added to the game, we will add them to this article! Check the comments and you will likely find codes that are readers have posted before we’ve gotten the chance; additionally, if you have a working code That we haven’t posted yet, then be sure to leave a comment below and add it!