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Hexa Sort – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hexa Sort is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android islands, collect coins, and fill up your piggy bank. You can earn boost that can help you with tougher levels, collect tiles, and use the tiles to build new islands.

Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Hexa Sort!

Your goal in each level is to sort 10 of the same color on top of each other in order to clear them off of the board and add them to your tile collection, but the game rules can be a little bit complicated at first. Most of the tile stacks that you put down have multiple colors, and the color that’s at the top will automatically stack with the same color, if you have tiles of the same color next to it. Once you stack 10 of the same tile, they will clear out.

When you place tiles that have multiple colors in the same stack, the top color will stack first. If the next color down has the same color tile on an adjacent space, then that one will stack as well. Try to match all of the tiles in the same stack in order to keep spaces from getting clogged up.

You have all kinds of boosts that will unlock as you get further into the game. The coins that you earn on each level will allow you to purchase more of these boosts. After you beat the level, you will be able to watch an advertisement video in order to double the amount of coins that you earn each time.

If you want the game to be completely free of advertisements, then switch to airplane mode and shut off all data sources, such as Wi-Fi, before you start the game. You will be able to play the game without any advertisements, but you also won’t be able to watch advertisement videos in order to earn bonuses, Either.

You can use the tiles that you collect from each round to construct portions of your current island. Once you finish building that island, you will get a bonus and move onto the next island. Each subsequent island will become more and more difficult to construct With more and more challenges contained with each level.

There are a number of islands that you can construct. You can build the Pleasant Lighthouse, Cozy Camping, Fun Theme Park, Zen-like Japan, Central London, Ancient Egypt, Magnifique Paris, Tropical Beach, Harvest Town, Old West Frontier, Aero Hub, Frost Fiesta, Timeless Hellenic, ShadowCove Isle, Enchanting Turkiye, Bus Rendezvous, Serenade Italia, Martian Vista, and Land of Liberty. If you have already built all of the islands, then no worries, the developers are most likely going to add more of them as they update the game.

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