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Pipe Lines: Hexa – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Pipe Lines: Hexa is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms. This will appeal to anyone who has ever played Free Flow, except it’s a more complicated and deep variation with a hexagonal board instead of a square board. The premise is the same though, as your goal is to connect pipes of the same color and take up all of the spaces on the board, in as few moves as possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pipe Lines: Hexa!

You can use as many moves as you want if your goal is only to beat the level, as there are no limits to that in this game. Use trial and error to figure out what the next piece of the puzzle is. If a move ends up not working, tap on the pipe that you made in order to take the move back and start over again with those pipes.

Remember the pattern that you have beaten a stage with, if you won with less than three stars. Go back to the stage immediately and put the same pattern down but with less moves (no reversing any moves), and you will immediately win the stage with three stars. Do this for any stage that you want an easy three stars on.

You can use hints in order to get an answer as to what to do next. If you are playing a stage and you just let the game sit there, you will get a pseudo-hint, whereby two of the pipes on the screen will flash, giving you a hint to make those pipes merge. Otherwise, start with the pipes that are the shortest distance from each other and then work up to the longest pipes.

If you are colorblind or you have your phone set to grayscale mode, then you can go to the options menu and turn on the colorblind mode. It will place letters inside all of the pipe ends, allowing you to connect A with A, B with B, etc.

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Sometimes there can be multiple ways to beat the same stage, especially in the harder levels with bigger boards. You can always go back to a stage any time that you want to and try out different ways to win. Each way has an equal chance of giving you 3 stars, since they will, by necessity, all use the same amount of moves.