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Tiny Flying Drizzy – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Tiny Flying Drizzy is a ridiculous new take on the Flappy Bird formula featuring none other than everybody’s second favorite Canadian, the rapper Drake (the first, of course, being Rob Ford!). Your goal is to bounce Drake’s flying head through a bunch of gray Flappy-style pipes. This game is FAR tougher than Flappy Bird is – read on for some tips and tricks for Tiny Flying Drizzy!

Just like with Flappy Bird, you tap once to bounce him, but the difference that kills everybody in this game is that he falls FAR more slowly than the bird does. That means that you have to be very careful as to how high you bounce him, or if you’re going from a high pipe opening to a low pipe opening, you will end up bashing Drake’s head on the top pipe very frequently. Aim for the lowest part of the pipe opening whenever possible.

To remedy this, intentionally fall as low as possible in between pipes, while still being able to tap him just barely over the pipe. Do NOT tap when Drizzy’s head is in between the upper and lower pipes – only when there’s a pipe to his left and a pipe to his right. Let him fall through the pipe opening, so that if there is a lower pipe afterwards, he can fall low enough to fly through it.

Going from a low to a high opening is far easier since you don’t have to worry about any sort of drops, though, but still, be careful that you get the bouncing out of the way when he is not inside of the pipe opening. Even if you bounce right from a high pipe to a low pipe it will still often go back down to a low pipe, screwing you over if you didn’t prepare for it.

As with any game of this type, practice often but relax. If you aren’t relaxed, then your jumps will get worse and worse as your heart races and your adrenaline starts going, thus dooming you to constant single-digit point totals. Keep practicing, though. Check Game Center to see where you rank among the top players (after throwing out the obvious hacked scores, of course).