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Noscope Flappy – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Noscope Flappy, also known by its full name of “Noscope Flappy: MLG Bird: Illuminati Confirmed: GET REKT”, is a parody of Flappy Bird for the iPhone and iPad, and it comes fully loaded with memes as well as birds, skins and even power-ups that make it a much fuller game than the original Flappy Bird. Read on for some tips and tricks for Noscope Flappy!

Flying, or bouncing as it were, is much the same in this game as it is in the original Flappy Bird, but all of the available power-ups make it a lot easier to score points. Collect the Mountain Dew, Sonic/Sannick, and others and the background will change, and you will go for a limited time with sped up movement and no pipes to smack into, allowing you to rack up quick points.

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There are four medals that you can get in this game. The bronze medal is earned when you hit 50 points. The silver medal is earned at 100 points. The gold medal is earned at 150 points and the platinum medal is earned at 200 points. Beyond 150, there are no more medals to earn, but there are quite a few other bonuses that you can earn with even higher scores.

From the main menu, go to the skins area and you will see all manner of skins that you can apply to the game. The ones on the left hand side of the menu can be unlocked when you earn a specific high score in the game. The ones on the right side, with the exception of the top one, can be unlocked by purchasing the pro pack IAP. The top one can be unlocked by downloading and running the MLG Soundboard from the link in the menu.

Memes will pop up non-stop, one after the other, the entire time that you play. They will clear out once you get one of the power-ups, but until then, the best that you can do is try to keep your bird in or around the middle of the screen so that it doesn’t accidentally get hidden behind the memes.

You can fly up above the screen, and you won’t run into any pipes. However, you also won’t score any points either because the only way to score points is to fly in between the pipes – flying above them won’t cut it.