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Flappy Smash – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Flappy Smash – The End of a Tiny Bird is an addicting new parody of Flappy Bird for the iPhone and iPad. The game looks the same, except that you control the pipes instead of the bird. Tons of flappy birds will fly by and your goal is to smash as many of them as possible in order to score as many points as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy Smash – The End of a Tiny Bird!

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You get a different amount of points based on how many birds you can smash at a time, and whether the bird is glowing red or not. Each bird is worth one point. Each bird that’s glowing red (having bounced off of the front of your pipe first) is worth five points. Whenever you smash two or more birds at the same time, you will earn an extra ten points per extra bird that you smash (for example, smashing three non-glowing birds at once will earn you 22 points).

Bounce birds off of the front of the pipes to make them glow red and be worth 5 points instead of one, but only bounce them once. The more you bounce them off of the front of a pipe, the faster they will fly at you, and they won’t be worth anymore points than they were before.

Flappy Bird (the original) has four different medals that you can earn. This one, though, only has one medal: the gold medal. Earn 500 points in a single round and you get the gold. Anything else is just for bragging rights.

When you get a popup telling you to rate the game for a special bonus that will improve your score, do it. Once you rate the game (or even if you just hit ok on the prompt, then tab back to the game without posting a rating), you will have one free restart with every round that you play.

You can’t pause the game normally, but if you actually want to pause, simply hit the iPhone or iPad’s menu button to go back to the menu and do whatever else you need to do. When you go back to the game, it will automatically be paused, and you’ll get a countdown before the game begins again.