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Flappy Fall – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Flappy Fall is a new game for the iOS and Android that looks very familiar, yet plays very differently from the game that became an app store phenomenon. In Flappy Fall, you have hundreds of falling birds that you have to catch with a nest, so you slide the nest around a la Breakout, trying to catch them all, but they get faster and faster as the waves go on, becoming so insanely hard that even earning a bronze medal seems nearly impossible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Flappy Fall!

During the first four waves of the game, the speed will constantly change, meaning that there is a huge learning curve to this particular portion of the game. The first wave will come slowly. The second wave will be a little bit faster. The third wave will be very fast. The fourth wave will be absolutely insane, and has doubtless led to many thrown phones by now.

After the fourth wave, though, all the waves going forward will fall at the exact same speed as the fourth one. They may start to zig zag more by comparison to the fourth one, but they will all be the exact same speed.

Your fingers can start to get a little bit sticky and slide all over the screen after playing for a good amount of time. When this happens, use your fingernail to slide around the screen, because by doing this, you can slide around much quicker and much more smoothly. Smoothness is the absolute key to maintaining relaxation and a high score for this game.

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Your nest casts a surprisingly wide net, so let birds fall so that they hit the sides of the next, rather than trying to be directly under every single one of them. The less you move the nest around, the better, and if you save your thumb’s energy, you can use it on the more difficult rounds.

You get the bronze medal if you score 300 points in this game. If you score 500 you get a silver, 800 nets you a gold and 1,000 earns you a platinum. It generally takes a ton of practice to be good enough to earn anything beyond a bronze, but keep at it and make sure to take lots of breaks and relax.