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The Tribez & Castlez: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

The Tribez & Castlez is a new game by GameInsight, and is a spinoff of the original “The Tribez”. In The Tribez & Castlez, you get to run a medieval kingdom, explore massive amounts of new territory, visit and even battle against the evil Gobools. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Tribez & Castlez for iOS and Android!

There’s a lot to do in this game, but above all, there is a lot of waiting, especially as you get further on into the game. Different jobs can take hours to do, especially when they relate to clearing space for a new area. However, you can cancel out the waiting time immediately by setting the time ahead on your phone or your tablet.

You can do this trick as many times as you want, and for anything that you want to – it can be used to speed up explorations or expansions, or various jobs that earn you food, wood, stones or wish scrolls, or with the numerous other resources that appear later on in the game.

Having friends in the game will help you because they, too, can help you, and you can help them by collecting their jobs and keeping their resources. To find more friends, go to the comments section of this article or go to the App Store’s review pages. Or go to the official Facebook page of the game, as there is guaranteed to be a load of people in the comments, all of whom are posting about the exact same thing.

The Tribez & Castlez tends to be annoying with its prompts to share every time that you accomplish something, but sharing via Facebook and Twitter actually earns you a very large number of gems. If you don’t want to bug your friends, then simply delete the tweets/posts afterwards, or when you connect to Facebook, set the option for who can see your posts from the game to “Only Me”.

Complete the quests as quickly as possible to unlock all of the special features in the game that are locked, as well as any of the expansion areas that you have to wait on. Even if the quests aren’t showing up yet, complete other quests and the ones that you need will eventually appear.

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