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The Tribez: Get free coins, wood and experience points

Coins, wood and experience points are the keys that make The Tribez go around. Coins are your primary currency, and are used to buy most anything in the game, aside from the premium speed ups and buildings that are purchased using gems. Experience points lead to getting level ups, which of course leads to unlocking all sorts of new things in the game, therefore, you need to gain experience in order to progress and not just do the same things over and over. Wood is almost like another form of currency, as it is needed to build every single building in the game. Read on to find out how to get more of it, for free.

One easy way to get all three of them for free is to set your iPhone ahead by about 1-5  days, and then go back to the game. The reason is that over time, more trees, grass, weeds, rocks and treasure chests will appear all over your map at random. The more empty space you have, the more will appear. After you set the phone ahead, go back to the game and observe the increase in trees and treasure chests and the like. Now set the phone time back to normal and go collect, chop, etc, all of what you find.

You can get free coins and experience for using “set the phone ahead by one day” trick to log in and get the daily bonus over and over as well. You get coins, but once you hit day 5, not only do you get 1,000 coins, but you get loaded with experience points as well, making this an extremely quick way to gain levels.

To get more coins and experience points, go to your achievements and read every single one of your incomplete ones as well as what you need to do to achieve them and how to earn them. Achievements aren’t just random in this game even if they may seem like it at first. Go to the “i” info screen to find your achievements.

To get promo codes, go to and wait for new ones to be posted. Despite the page name, the codes work on all iOS versions of The Tribez.