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Guide to The Tribez: Tips, tricks, cheats, strategies and help, part 2


Welcome to Part 2 of The Tribez cheats, tips and tricks. Click here to go back to Part 1.


If you set the day back to normal in the middle of this and then log back in, you’ll be able to continue right where you left off by going back to date and time and setting the day ahead yet again, so any streaks of login bonuses will remain unbroken.

The more time that passes, the more trees, weeds, rocks, wood piles, and treasure chests will also show up at random spots just waiting to be cut down, dug up, or opened up for bonuses. Of course, if you set the iPhone time ahead by a day or two, a whole bunch more will pop up automatically. Better yet, just set the phone ahead by 5 days at once, and your village will be literally flooded with stones, trees, weeds, treasure chests and other junk for you to clear out, Make sure you have a good stockpile of food, because you’ll need it to deal with all of the stuff that pops up. This makes it very easy to finish achievements that have to do with collecting wood, chopping trees and bushes, etc.

For a nice quick shot of experience points, if you have a whole lot of coins saved up, load up your city with ancient bars, which earn you 20 experience points to build, and then delete them, and then build them again. This is a good way to not only knock off excess food and wood (if you have a ton of crap in your warehouse and thus can’t collect anything), but to level up quickly so that you can upgrade your buildings faster, too.

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If you haven’t upgraded all of your huts and residences to their full upgrade limits, you are missing out on both money and experience points, as when you upgrade each of your huts (something else you can cheat the wait period for on the time cheat), not only do they earn more coins and experience, but they don’t take any longer to become ready to collect from, allowing you to amass a ton of coins quickly, as well as gain levels much quicker than you would otherwise.