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Maritime Kingdom – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Maritime Kingdom is the latest game by Game Insight for the iOS and Android platforms, makers of The Tribez and The Tribez and Castlez. Because of the gameplay it can easily be called “Shipz” as the gameplay takes after Tribez. Your goal is to build up your new town on the island, trade with other cities around the world, and even fight off pirates. Read on for some tips and tricks for Maritime Kingdom!

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The fastest way to improve, to gain levels and to advance your city is to follow the in-game quests. Go to the top left corner of the main screen and look for the tasks to complete (such as building a specific building, having a contract etc) and complete them for extra rewards. Doing these will advance the story forward in addition to helping you unlock other new stuff to build.

If you are running out of building space and you have already cleared out all of the weeds and trees that you can find, or have just entirely run out of space from building too much crap, go to the actions button and you can choose to either put anything in storage or to sell anything. Do this when you have build a bunch of useless decorations for quest completion and no longer have any use for them or desire to have them in your town.

Every time that you gain a level, go to the residential building store and check to see if you have unlocked any extra huts or houses. Once you build another residential building you will unlock another worker, so that’s more tasks that you can take care of at the same time. This is especially good for completing contracts at your industrial buildings, or for clearing weeds and trees quickly.

Look out around your town for treasure chests and other hidden goodies. This is a good way to get gems and other goodies (the main other way to get free crystals is via quest completion; otherwise, you have to buy more crystals).

You can spend more crystals to get anything that you need at any point that you want to; however, generally, anything that can be purchased with crystals can be had for free if you simply wait for it. There’s no need to spend crystals on anything temporary; if anything, use them for something permament, such as an extra expansion without having to spend coins.