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ZigZag (iOS game) Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 2

With every tap that you make, you get a point, not just with the crystals that you collect. To get a few extra points at the beginning, you can tap to change directions needlessly until you come to the narrowing pathway, and you’ll gain points for each of those taps. While it is not enough to make a huge difference, it is still a good nudge in the right direction.

Once you become good enough at this game that speed becomes less of a factor, the lag time will tend to become more of a distraction than the speed will. When that happens, change things up, and make sure that you are playing the game without any other apps open, rather than having a whole bunch of other opened up. The less apps that are open, the less slowdown you will experience as you play ZigZag.

If you have more than one device to play this game on, play it on a tablet rather than a phone. Playing on a tablet will make it easier to see the specifics of just how much space you have to work with when you’re moving onto the next corner space, especially at speed. Either way though, the faster the game gets the harder it will be to detect the center of the path.

The latest update to the game has added a store, where you can purchase different kinds of balls. You have to spend 100 crystals to get a new ball, and the design of the ball you get is totally randomized. Also, make sure you go down the center of the aisle, because if you sneak down the side of the aisle, you might miss a crystal and scoot right next to it instead.

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One almost surefire way to slow the game down is to open ZigZag, then switch to another app before Game Center has time to load up, then open ZigZag back up and immediately start a new round. The game will remain slow for the entire time that you play it until the time that you switch away. If you accidentally switch away while you are doing this, try doing the trick again and it should work most of the time.

After about 100 points or so, the game stops speeding up, and merely changes colors instead. That’s the point at which you know you’re on easy street, especially if you’ve been able to successfully do the slowdown trick on the game.

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