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Pinball Sniper: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Pinball Sniper is the new iOS and Android game by Marius Gerlich and Ketchapp, best known as the makers of ZigZag. This endless pinball game differs from plenty of others in that it is simple, minimalistic, and you have only one ball per round, but trying to chase the highest score, just like in ZigZag, is addicting enough in and of itself. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pinball Sniper!

Pay attention to where on the flipper you hit the ball because the physics are a little bit weird compared to your usual pinball games. The ball drops a whole lot faster than it does in your usual pinball game, and you will have to hit it quickly to make sure that it doesn’t fall in between the flippers.

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Make sure that the ball does not go down between the center of the flippers. There are plenty of pinball games where merely hitting both of the flippers at the same time will bring it back, but not on this one. In this you have to keep the ball on one side or the other. If you want to safely switch sides, try to catch a falling ball inside of an upturned flipper and it will typically bound over to the other one.

You can collect crystals by hitting them in each round or by purchasing them in the in app purchase store. If you don’t want to spend any money but you want to earn more crystals quickly, go to the IAP store and watch a free advertisement video to earn more crystals. Keep doing these and you can rack up a huge amount very quickly.

The use of these crystals is that they allow you to purchase new monsters. Monsters are cute little creatures that will sit on top of the pinball board, but they won’t really have all that much practical use. Their main purpose is to look cool; they won’t change the gameplay at all. You can either purchase them, or simply sit on your crystals and let them pile up over time.

Be careful that you hit each crystal within a good amount of time, because if you wait too long you will end up losing the stage even if your ball doesn’t fall off the side. Look for the circular bar surrounding the crystal that starts to form as you go. Use that as a gauge of if you are going quickly enough or not; once it fills up, your round is toast.