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The Tribez: How to get free gems and food

To this date, The Tribez is the best looking city building game on any mobile device, iPhone or Android, and possibly ever, and the kind of polish that’s been put upon the game rivals even the best. One of the best things that this game has introduced is the idea of a city builder without the dreaded “energy” metric, that forces players to stop playing the game. Instead, food that is grown anyways, as part of the game, is now used to complete tasks, just like “energy” would have been. As with every one of these games, there is a premium currency that can be bought for real money, which is gems. Read on if you want to find out how to get more of both for free.

To get free gems, there are a couple of things you can do. Three, actually. One of them is, of course, to not spend any in the tutorial. By definition you will now have free gems simply by waiting out any task that the game prompts you to complete or speed up with gems. It will complete anyways, and you will be able to continue on and keep the gems. Another way to do it is to gain as many levels as possible, as quickly as possible, since, of course, with each level you gain, you get a gem as a bonus.

The third and best way, though, is to use the daily bonuses and cheat the system. On the fifth consecutive daily bonus, you get 3 bonus crystals, and then the daily bonuses will start back from the beginning. Therefore every 5 days of logging on you get a bonus. Here’s where cheating the system comes in. Open the app, then go to your phone’s settings and set the date + time ahead by exactly one day. Go back to the game and get the bonus, then set your phone ahead by another day, then repeat as many times as you possibly can and every 5 “days” you’ll get the 3 gems. Do this for one “year” and you’ll earn 219 gems!

Now for free food, set the phone ahead half an hour and then go collect from your berry bushes. Then set the phone ahead again and collect from them again. This is the way to get the most free of the “free food”, but you can also get free food by completing various missions and quests.