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Military Masters – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Military Masters is a new MMO strategy RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Mixing a bit of patriotism with the random-number battlng of Super Battle Tactics, this game gives you access to loads of tanks, trucks, aircraft and ships, places you in factions based on your home nation and puts you in a competition with players from other countries to see who wins the hypothetical wars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Military Masters!

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It takes a little bit of strategy to put yourself ahead of the competition, because you and other players will be somewhat close to each other in numbers unless you are facing off against someone with loads of rare vehicles. One good idea is to use targeting to aim at the most powerful opponent. Make sure that you have the first strike advantage, and take out the strongest first.

Another good strategy, a simple one, is to use the bombard ability right away to send an attack that fires at all enemies. Even better, use this attack for every turn and you’ll get a huge boost in battle even if your vehicles roll a crappy number to begin with. And once you unlock Money Talks you can use that skill to increase your winnings after a battle.

Battle as much as you can because that’s where you win parts, which are used to craft new tanks, and where you win coins, which is what you use to upgrade what you already have. Save up your parts if you already have enough common and uncommon tanks so that you can purchase exclusive and super rare units. Even just having one of these will earn you a huge edge in battle.

Keep all three of your main teams upgraded, too, because a completely random team will be pulled out if you are playing in PvP mode. If you get to a point where you are having too much trouble beating other players, go to CPU mode and play that one for awhile, using weaker stages to earn more coins and parts, as well as other goodies.

Build new vehicles as fast as you can even if you don’t need them right away. If you compete a set of vehicles, you’ll move onto the next tier of vehicles, and once you complete that tier, you’ll move on to the tier above that. It’s more time consuming than saving up for exclusive vehicles, but it’s arguably a more reliable way to get it done.