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Kingdom Age for iPhone, Facebook and iPad: FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Kingdom Age for the iPhone! Kingdom Age is the newest smash hit by Funzio, the company behind Crime City and Modern War, and it’s fast becoming just as popular as their other two offerings – maybe even moreso since it’s out for iPhone, iPad and Facebook all at the same time! It has similar gameplay to Crime City and Modern War, and the level of polish and fun factor that you should be used to from their other two games, but adds new gameplay elements as well. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Kingdom Age!

The tutorial takes you through much of the beginning of the game, such as completing quests, building up your kingdom, and fighting against or invading other players. Completing quests is perhaps the simplest part. Just go to the main menu, then click on the map, and pick the area you want to go to. You can master an area by completing a certain number of missions (doesn’t matter which ones, as they restore themselves over time and every time you enter or leave the area). You also have a good number of quests on your “quests” menu in the upper left hand corner, and many of those will have to do with missions that you complete out in the map.

Back in your kingdom, there are three kinds of buildings that you can build. You can build money buildings, unit buildings, and bonus buildings. Bonus buildings cost Diamonds (which are the premium currency of the game, and cost real money to buy) but they give you bonuses that can affect the entire game. Money buildings earn you coins over a period of time, and can be upgraded. Once upgraded, they earn you more coins. Before you choose to upgrade a money building, if you tap the building and tap the upgrade button, it will show you the before and after for the building’s payout, so that you can decide if you really want to upgrade or not.

Unit buildings allow you to unlock different types of units that you can buy in the store. Unlike other strategy games, you don’t have to wait for units to be trained – you can simply buy them and they are there right away. Upgrade a unit building to unlock a better unit of the type (infantry, magic, machine, beast, etc). Once that new unit is unlocked, you can buy that unit in the store.

Also, don’t forget to equip every single unit of yours with weapons and armor. Make sure the armor is appropriate to the unit first, and same with the weapon, but armor and weapons can be appropriate to multiple units so it should not be hard to find a good match. Each unit can hold one weapon and one armor.

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