Kingdom Age for Facebook, iPhone and iPad: Get more coins and experience points, and battle strategies for attack and defense

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In Kingdom Age, coins are your primary currency. You use them to buy most of what you need in the game, such as more buildings to produce more coins, buildings that can produce and/or unlock troops, and troops themselves to protect your kingdom and to destroy other kingdoms, as well as weapons and armor for yourself and the troops. Experience is needed to gain levels, which lets you unlock new realms and items. Read on to find out how to get more coins and experience points, as well as how to succeed in battle much, much more frequently.

To get more coins while completing quests, you can do two things. You can either increase your hero strength when you level up, which costs you two skill points apiece, and honestly can be construed as a waste of a level up, or you can buy better hero weapons and armor. Buying better hero weapons and armor increases both your attack and your defense, in both your quests and your battles.

Increasing your attack and defense in quests is especially important. For one thing, you don’t get coins on your quests until you finish killing an enemy or destroying a building. Increasing your attack power allows you to kill the enemy with less hits, and as such, increase the amount of coins you get before your energy runs out. Enemies also counterattack, taking between 1 and 4 energy points, making you run out faster, and increasing your defense blunts the effects of the counterattacks, allowing you to keep more of your energy, so you can knock off more enemies before running out of energy.

This will also earn you more experience points, since you get more experience points for destroying an enemy or a building than you get for partially destroying a building or killing an enemy. So in all possible cases, maximize hero strength and hero defense.

Also, to maximize your gain of both, maximize your amount of units, and make sure they all have weapons and armor. If you are strapped for coins, buy them just the cheapest armor and weapons – it’s a huge improvement over having nothing and it majorly adds up to high attack and defense. The more troop strength you have, the more battles you will win. And when you are invading other kingdoms, concentrate on raiding one building at a time. When you completely destroy a building, you will earn far more coins for it than you will from partially destroying a building, and you will earn more experience as well.

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