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DragonVale for iPhone: How to get more coins, dragon treats and experience points

DragonVale is one of the most popular games on the iPhone, because hey, in what other game do you get to raise your own dragons? You can buy habitats for each dragon, buy different elemental dragons (earth, fire, plant, etc) that fit into each habitat, buy farms to feed your dragons with dragon treats, and watch the dragons level up and grow. This article is all about how to gain more coins and experience points, because these are the most necessary factors for advancing in the game. Read on to find out how.

Getting coins is done mostly by collecting from your dragon habitats when they have dragons in them. You can also get coins by completing quests. In order to maximize your coin collecting, though, you need to pay attention to what the maximum amount of coins is that your habitats can hold. For example, a plant habitat can only hold 200, but an earth habitat can hold 10,000, and a fire habitat can hold 8,000. This means that the last two habitats can practically collect coins all day while you sleep, while the plant habitat maxes out very, very quickly.

One very easy way to max out your coin gains is simply to sell your plant habitat once you are done using it to complete quests, and then using the open slot to build an earth or a fire habitat. While you’re working your way up in the game, you can use this to maximize your coin gains. Earth habitats gain coins slowly because you only have 1 dragon, who starts off at 8 coins per minute (or 480 coins per hour), but fire dragons gain coins much more quickly, and can hold up to 2 dragons, making these optimal for fast coin gains.

Even if you don’t sell your plant habitat, don’t bother feeding your earth dragon to level it up. Save your dragon treats for the fire dragons and for the earth dragon, so that you can gain coins rapidly.

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Be sure to always max out your number of available habitats (which increase as you level up) and, if you are going to be away from the game, spread out your dragons over the habitats you have, so that if you have multiple fire habitats but not enough dragons to fill it, you still can theoretically collect double the maximum coins. And when you unlock the large habitats, which hold double the dragons per habitat and can have around double the maximum amount of coins before being collected from, do that as soon as possible. The large plant habitat is fairly worthless though, as it still only collects up to 500 coins.

To gain more experience, build more buildings, hatch more dragons, and grow as many dragon treats as possible. Growing and collecting dragon treats is an excellent way to level up, as you earn 5 experience per 1 dragon treat that you collect. Also, use your extra collected coins to get rid of bushes, trees and rocks. Get rid of as many as possible at a time, since you can get rid of an unlimited amount. Even if you spend all your coins, you’re sure to get a few quick level ups, especially once you start getting rid of big trees and big rocks.

Maximize your farms (you get the ability to build more farms as you level up) to maximize the amount of dragon treats you can grow. While you are actively playing, go for the short dragon treat jobs, as you actually earn treats faster and spend less coins. If you know you are going to be away from the game for a time, though, do the long crops so that you can collect a ton of dragon treats later on. Also, complete quests as quickly as possible, because many of them pay you in bonus dragon treats.