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Frontline Commando 2 – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Frontline Commando 2 is, confusingly, the third game in the Frontline Commando series (the second being FL Commando: D-Day). The gameplay is fairly similar to games such as Time Crisis, where you take cover behind whatever’s available in the stage, go from cover to cover as needed, pop out and shoot enemies, and earn War Cash and Gold in the process. Read on for some tips and tricks for Frontline Commando 2!

Each weapon has a use where it’s best suited. You start the game off with the assault rifle and the sniper rifle. The assault rifle is best used against large groups of enemies where you have to quickly shift from troop to troop while you’re shooting. Machine guns are great for this as well, but you can buy those later on in the game.

Sniper rifles are best when you’re facing off against smaller groups of enemies, especially more heavily-armored human enemies, because you can aim and fire one single, deadly shot. Shotguns, consequently, are best used against vehicles, since they fire big bursts of shot, rather than one single bullet. They do a ton of damage to vehicles, but are also effective against tightly-clustered human troops or troops who are difficult to aim at.

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PvP mode can be massively unfair because even though you are arranged against enemies according to ratings, sometimes ridiculous battles slip through the cracks. Generally, though, sniper rifles are extremely effective in PvP battles. Aim and then quickly double-tap on the fire button (first tap opens the scope, second tap fires the gun) to crack off a quick shot. Head shots generally do more damage than any other shot does.

If you need to earn extra War Cash and you are stuck on a stage, either go to the PvP mode or go to old missions that you have beaten before and play them again. PvP in particular offers excellent bonuses for winning, and generally you earn more prize money than you do when playing against old rounds.

Need more gold? Gain levels, and go to the shop area as well to look for the various free gold buttons. All of these make it very possible to get far in the game without having to make any in app purchases.