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Zombie Castaways – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Zombie Castaways is a new city-builder game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game, which is reminiscent of The Tribez or Island Experiment, puts you in control of a group of shipwrecked zombies whose goal is to clear off the island, explore and rebuild, eventually reaching undiscovered lands and discovering new treasures. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Castaways!

To do almost anything in this game, you need tools, and your main source of tools is the water well. Completing construction on other water wells will also allow you to collect tools from them, increasing the speed at which you can replenish your tools. Collect from them as often as possible, setting your push notifications if you have to.

If you tap them and end up with a load of tools that you don’t need for your particular quests at the moment, use them to cut down random objects in your island, because cutting them down will often provide you with different tools. For example, if you have all machetes but no pickaxes or axes, go chop down bushes and dandelions for a good chance at earning more pickaxes and axes.

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Brains are used to put multiple zombies to work at the same time. By default, you can put three to work at the same time, but watch a video to get free brains if you want to add another zombie to speed things along a bit. Some zombies, such as brigades, require no brains; others, such as cooks, require brains in order to put them to work.

You’ll rack up a ton of coins over time, but rarely will you realize that you should spend them until you have an item that needs crafting that you can’t craft. Still, you will need more coins at some point. Completing the quests is the obvious way to earn coins; another way to do so is to go to your storage and sell items you don’t need and/or can afford to part with. Cooked and crafted items will be worth the most.

Zombucks are the premium currency of the game, and should be used wisely as they are expensive to purchase. You can earn plenty of free ones, though, both as level-up rewards and as a reward for completing quests. Save them as much as possible; the farther you get into the game, the more time will be saved by using zombucks to finish out a construction project.