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How to play Zombie Tsunami for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Zombie Tsunami! This addicting endless runner for the iOS platform allows you to play as running zombies whose sole mission in life (or in death) is to eat people. Eat more people, collect coins, and run as far as you can in stages to get the highest score possible. Read on for the beginner’s guide to Zombie Tsunami!

The premise of the game is fairly simple. Once you start the game, you’ll start running automatically. There are a number of things you come across within each stage. People who shout “HELP!!” are people who can be eaten. When you eat a person, you will earn a brain, and that person will become a zombie, who will then run behind you. The more people you eat, the more zombies you will have running behind you.

There are three types of vehicles you can come across, which you can flip, which will earn you even more zombie runners and brains. Cars take 4 zombies to flip, and earn you 1 brain each. Buses take 8 zombies to flip, and they earn you 2 brains each, as well as 2 zombie runners. Tanks take 12 zombies to flip, but each tank that you flip will earn you 3 brains, as well as 3 zombie runners.

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There are multiple traps that you come across, as well. Each bomb that you come across will blow away one of your zombies. If your lead zombie dies, your second zombie will become your lead zombie. They appear with no warning. Moving vehicles, such as cars and helicopters, come with a “!” beforehand to indicate that they are coming. Ground level exclamation points indicate that you should jump, and exclamation points in the air indicate that you should NOT jump. In addition, if you don’t have enough zombies to flip a vehicle, they will get stuck behind the vehicle and die unless you jump.

Jumps are easy to control. The longer you tap the screen and hold it for, the higher your zombie will jump. Quick taps will result in short jumps, and long taps will result in long, slow jumps. Strategize your jumps so that your zombies don’t fall into pits, because if they fall into pits, they are gone, and if you lose all of the zombies, it’s game over.

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