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Swaggy Ninja: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Swaggy Ninja is a new iOS and Android game by iCustomized llc. You play as a jumping ninja with shades, and your goal is to get as high as you can, past all of the katanas and shuriken and other insane obstacles that block your path. Read on for some tips and tricks for Swaggy Ninja!

Every single jump that you make is the same height, so time your jumps to make sure that you don’t run into whatever the obstacle is. If you are trying to maintain the same height, then fall as low as you can without hitting the obstacle below you, and then tap the screen.

Usually it is better to move faster rather than slower. The slower that you move, the tougher it is to avoid obstacles when you are trying to tread air. Keep moving upward as much as you can, only stopping when you know you are going to run into the next obstacle. Then move up as fast as you can after that in order to keep the momentum going.

You can compare yourself to the top players in the world using either Game Center or Google Play, if that sort of thing is to your interest. Be sure to scroll past all of the extremely unrealistic scores down to the ones that actually look like they could even be a possibility. If a score looks very difficult but somewhat doable, it is likely real. If the score looks impossible to just plain insane, it is likely a hack.

If you want to get rid of the ads, you can purchase no-ads or you can simply play the game with no signal or in Airplane Mode. If you purchase no ads, then delete the game and then reinstall it later, you can get no-ads back for free by hitting the “reload” button, which will restore your purchases.

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Currently there is no form of currency in the game, and there are no additional secret characters that have been added to the game either. Keep a good eye out though, because it is highly likely that during a future update, the devs will either add a form of currency, or new characters to the game, or both.