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Idle Pocket Planet: Secret Password List and Code Guide

Idle Pocket Planet is a new idle space exploration game for the iOS and Android platforms. You and your spaceship set off to discover new aliens, new planet, and unlock a bunch of new keepsakes and tchotchkes that you can put in your spaceship. Along the way you can also earn astroids and stars, which are the two currencies of the game.

Like almost all games released by Hyperbeard, you can use secret passwords in order to get free rewards. These secret password to act like cheat codes in old-school video games, and are often swapped in and out as the game is updated and further developed. You can only enter each secret password once, but you can use as many different secret password as you want to.

Read on for a list of secret passwords, how to print more of them, and how to use them in Idle Pocket Planet!

In order to use secret passwords, if you are new to the game, then you’re going to have to do the tutorial. Once you are finished with the tutorial, first, tap on the little hamburger menu button.

Next, tap on the settings button, which looks like a cog or a gear. This will take you to the full settings menu. You’ll find another button inside that menu that looks like a safe.

When you see the safe button, then tap it. A window will pop up with a text box and a prompt to enter a secret password. Type in the password, then confirm it, and you will get your rewards instantly.

Facebook is the best place to start looking for codes. The recommended areas to look are on the official page for the game, or for the developer. Go through all of their previous posts and pictures to look for codes that have already been posted, then go to the like button and tap it in order to see the posts on your newsfeed, so that you can get new coats as soon as they are released.

Do the same thing with other social media networks. HyperBeard and their games have a huge presence on multiple networks, so check Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media networks that might be specific to your country. They also tend to post different codes on different networks, making it worth it to check multiples of them.

The Subreddit for the game is going to be one of the best sources for codes. Go there and look for any threads advertising passwords in the title, or threads posted by players who are asking for passwords. If you have any passwords of your own that you don’t see anywhere here, then be sure to post them yourself.

Discord is an excellent source for passwords, because you can often find the newest ones in real time, do you to the fact that it’s a chat. Simply look through the newest messages on the applicable channel; to make it even easier to search, use the search function within the app and search for any message containing the word “password“.

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Twitch and YouTube are excellent sources for codes because streamers often get exclusive codes that nobody else gets. Search through streams or YouTube videos that contain passwords. Of course, if you have any passwords of your own, you can make a video of your own.

Another excellent source is the App Store that you downloaded the game from. Go to the download page, then look at the reviews and look for any review that contains a password. If you don’t see any, then start off the fun by leaving your own review containing a password.

As of right now, no secret passwords have been released for Idle Pocket Planet. Be sure to keep checking back, though, because as soon as we find them, we will add them to this article!

Additionally, if you are looking for passwords that we haven’t added to the article yet, then be sure to check the comment section, and if you have a password that we have not yet added, then be sure to post a comment yourself.